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AREDN for a remote station link

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AREDN for a remote station link

I am looking to set up a remote station, I have a link distance of about 2km and I have checked that on 2.4GHz my link is possible. (By radio mobile online)
I can't use a normal WiFi link as it uses encryption.

OpenWRT does not install on my Ubiquiti bullet, (well it does but I don't have access to the out of band channels of -1 to -3) but I have successfully got AREDN working on it.

I can/will link to the wider AREDN network via the internet (if poss) but as its in a very rural location and no other nodes for many miles I can't join an already available Mesh network without some planning and possibly another dish at the nearest node.
Will 2 x Ubiquity bullets and AREDN installed on each enable me to link between my house and the remote site? (Given a good signal)


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on 2.4GHz my link is possible
Would you consider 5.8 GHz?
Would you consider MIMO devices instead of SISO?
About the encryption...does your country have unlicensed devices
that allow encryption?
IOW, is there unlicensed equipment that can span 2 km?
If there is licensed equipment that can span 2 km, how much does the equipment and license cost?

73, Chuck

I'd like to use the equipment I have if I can if possible, ie. two bullets and two 21dbi Dish antennas.
2.4GHZ is within some of the usable UK amateur allocation but we cannot use encryption.
I've simulated the link, seems plausible. As its in a licensed band I can use an RF amp if necessary but I think I won't need one according to the sims.
I'm no network expert so I was checking I can do this with AREDN router software. I was going to use the lower channels to avoid any chance of interference with public WiFi channels.

73 Iain

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