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Iperfspeed test & V.

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Iperfspeed test & V.
After upgrading my router to V. the link to Iperfspeed has been deleted. How can I run an Iperfspeed test on a node Running v. and with LQM enabled ? 
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Read the Docs...
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In the presentation of the
In the presentation of the AREDN I read:
The primary goal of the AREDN® project is to empower licensed amateur radio operators to quickly and easily deploy high-speed data networks when and where they are needed.

In my humble opinion, it is much more consistent with this philosophy, to click on a hyperlink to launch the test, than to edit in the address bar of a browser
: http://<client_node_name>/cgi-bin/iperf?server=<server_node_name>&protocol=<tcp|udp>  
Having said the above, of course, I have read the documents, but, perhaps, I have not expressed myself correctly. So I put the question in a different way:
Is there a way to launch the test with a hyperlink like in previous versions?
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launch iperfspeed with a hyperlink

" Is there a way to launch the test with a hyperlink like in previous versions?"

with iperfspeed_0.6-lua_all.ipk installed on an AREDN device and
iperf.enable enabled.
Installing iperfspeed_0.6-lua_all.ipk on an AREDN device will create a hypertext link.

73, Chuck


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IperfSpeed launch with a hyperlink
Thanks, Chuck,
There is one point more. I had to add manually the Link in the Port Forwarding.  Why IperfSpeed3-3.7-1 AREDN1 is grayed? See below.

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see below
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If I click on the hyperlink
If I click on the hyperlink in the Mesh Status I get this message: 

Not Found

The requested URL /IperfSpeed was not found on this server.
When I go back to the Mesh status the link disappeared.
In the Port Forwarding the link seems to be ok, but hovering over the question mark a message appears saying: service is not being advertised.
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Iperfspeed & v.
issue solved. It was simply a bad name for the service. Now is "iperfspeed" before was "IperfSpeed" . The  2 capital letters make the difference!

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