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What version is my Bullet? and WHERE to I look/reference this?

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What version is my Bullet? and WHERE to I look/reference this?

I would like to update and do not want to mess it up and create a towertop brick.  
It's been a few years and I do not remember which version it is exactly.  

And trying to identify what I have from the available information and other posts I have found so far is not working.  

Where do I get this information and how can I know I am getting the right version firmware for what I have?  


/usr/local/bin# ./get_boardid
Ubiquiti Bullet M2  (nothing useful here)  

From the admin page: 

current version:
hardware type: ubnt (bullet-m)

From sysinfo page: 

model: Bullet M2 HP 

br-lan 68:72:51:89:10:B8
eth0   68:72:51:89:10:B8
eth0.1 68:72:51:89:10:B8
eth0.2 68:72:51:89:10:B8
tunl0  00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00
wlan0  68:72:51:88:10:B8
wlan0-1 6A-72-51-88-10-B8-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00

system type		: Atheros AR7241 rev 1
machine			: Ubiquiti Bullet M
processor		: 0
cpu model		: MIPS 24Kc V7.4
BogoMIPS		: 259.27
wait instruction	: yes
microsecond timers	: yes
tlb_entries		: 16
extra interrupt vector	: yes
hardware watchpoint	: yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0ffc, 0x0ffc, 0x0ffb, 0x0ffb]
isa			: mips1 mips2 mips32r1 mips32r2
ASEs implemented	: mips16
shadow register sets	: 1
kscratch registers	: 0
package			: 0
core			: 0
VCED exceptions		: not available
VCEI exceptions		: not available
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take a look at  http:/
take a look at  http://localnode.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/sysinfo.json
Look under the "node_details" section for "board_id".    What does it show?
I suspect that is it an 0xe202 which is an Bullet M2 (XM) based device.
Geez o peetZ
I'm not sure how I missed this in all my searching and poking around.   
board_id": "0xe202"

I have a Bullet M2 HP what firmware should I use?

I have a original M2 Bullet HP in the box that has not ever been flashed with AREDN firmware, is there still a version that I can use?

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is there still a version that I can use?
Hi, Dan:

"is there still a version that I can use?"
Likely, yes.

'original' is not used in defining the 3 models of Bullet M2s.

If you power up the device with its current OS, it may display information
indicating that it has 'XM' or 'XW' hardware.

I have a Bullet M2 HP what firmware should I use?
Thanks Chuck,

I went through the steps to factory reset the Bullet M2 HP, and after figuring out how to get my browser to support TLS 1.0/1.1, I logged into the web interface.

The firmware is XM.v5.5.8

So, am I good to attempt to load --> aredn- 

Thanks for your help.

- Dan

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So, am I good to attempt to load --> aredn-

"So, am I good to attempt to load --> aredn- "


73, Chuck

Thank you!
Thanks Chuck!

Can these older Ubiquiti 2 (ath25) devices possibly be used?

A friend of mine just upgraded the internet he was providing to some vacation cabins, and gave me a box of networking equipment that included 26 Ubiquiti Bullet 2 and 2 Bullet 5, 7 Nanostation 2, 5 Nanostation 5, 3 Nanostation 5 loco. These are all the older, pre M versions running on the Atheros ath25 build. The ath25 is not listed as a "supported" build on AREDN, but I thought I would ask anyway. I hate to see thousands of dollars of equipment just get thrown away.

I was able to install an older version of openWRT (OpenWrt Backfire 10.03.1), on one of the bullet 2 devices. From what I am reading the reason they are no longer supported is because the flash memory in them is only 4MB, which means there is limited room for frills and extras in the build, and as the project progressed they were set aside as newer, more capable equipment became available.

Is there any way to make an AREDN image for these devices? I wouldn't mind of things like the built in web server for configuration had to be removed to make the image fit. I would like to see the devices get used rather than just get thrown away. We have several amateurs in our area who would be willing to set it up and get a big mesh going in our rural area, but are unwilling to purchase hundreds of dollars worth of equipment to make it happen.

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limited room for frills and extras in the build
Actually, there is not enough room for a build without frills or without extras.

I suggest that you find a HSMM or BBHN image that will fit.
AREDN is preparing to sunset 32M devices, so
4M devices have already been sunsetted.

73, Chuck

Cannot Upgrade SXT from previous nightly build
I just attempted to update a SXT ... used the new tool to get the version and according to the table and on the table at  it should be a simple sysupgrade.

Current Version: 2432-51878e2      Hardware Type: (ath79/mikrotik) mikrotik (routerboard-sxt-5hpnd)

...  got message
Firmware CANNOT be updated
firmware file is not valid: firmware device match failed

Now what?  

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firmware file is not valid: firmware device match failed
Hi, Ed:

If you are sure that you are uploading the correct firmware:
In your device's Advanced Configuration is this displayed:
Dangerous Upgrade Disables all safety checks usually applied when upgrading firmware
If yes, enable this and try the upload again.

73, Chuck

All done
Hi Chuck,
Operator error, once I tried the correct file it took it.  Thanks!  Now, after the easy updates I'll contemplate the Base Boxes and QRTs.

73, Ed

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