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simple ip poe camera aredn novice

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simple ip poe camera aredn novice
RF Device: ubiquity Rocket M5
Camera: Wired Ethernet
Weather station: Wired Ethernet
Question: If the two devices are plugged into an unmanaged switch like this then into the ubiquity - can the AREDN software handle them both - perhaps switching between them and sending an image or weather data string - alternating every minute or so?
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Not a problem
Yes.  Not a problem.  I am going to assume that you have the LAN mode on the Rocket set to the default which is Direct 5 (or something similar to that).  That means that the Rocket will act as a DHCP server for both devices and it will carry the traffic to or from those devices.  The fact that there are more than one devices connected makes no difference to those devices.

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