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AREDN Mesh Map - Not displaying all the nodes

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AREDN Mesh Map - Not displaying all the nodes

I've read through a number of posts but I don't have a definitive understanding as to why the other nodes we've setup in the area aren't showing on the map. I poke the magical "upload data to AREDN servers", and get the response that it's been updated.  The coordinates are valid as you can click show map and it does plop you where it is.  The ones that aren't working don't have a direct internet connection, but do have access to the internet via the other two nodes that are showing on the map.  So I'm wondering if it will only show the nodes that have a direct WAN connection working?  Those that aren't working all start with the call "WC8EC-"

Two  questions about the

Two  questions about the Nodes that are not showing up.
1. Do those nodes have a Lat/Log set in their configuration ?
2. The Long is a minus number ( eg. -94.222 )

This is easy to check in the meshmap database.

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One other check...if there

One other check...if there are other nodes close by, zoom in as close as possible and place your mouse over the visible node and you may see the node hidden under pop out!
Denis KD1HA

Those are simple things

Yes all those things are correct.  Obviously the button isn't grayed out since I was able to press it and it told me the map had been updated. Yes the coords are correct. I understand its suppose to be a negative.  As I indicated, I can click the map button and it shows me exactly where it should be on the map. No, they aren't that close together they are not on top of each other.  Doesn't make any sense to me.  If it wasn't posting the data, why would it tell me it is.  The only two that are displaying are those that actually have the local WAN connection.  The other 4 do not have a WAN connection enabled and get to the internet via one of the other two.  The default gateway shows the correct node with the WAN enabled and internet, so thats correct.  It has to be something with the MAP logic that I'm not aware of.


The names of these nodes do not exist in the KML exports.  Which is why I believe there's something going on with the map logic.

Any update on the Map issue

We have been adding multiple nodes in our area but is not being updated on the Map.  This map is very beneficial to have a motivating factor to all those ham operators who have said they will get on the Mesh when more antennas are active.  Any estimate when this will be working?


Heber - NP4JN

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Try it now...

Try it now...

Its working now, thanks

Its working now, thanks

Heber NP4JN

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Still Missing Pin On Map...

I too have deployed nodes and have pressed the magic "Upload To Map Database" button, followed by "Data Has Been Uploaded Message"   12 hours later, still no pin on the map.    Coordinates are properly formatted and Show Map has a point directly where it should be but still no Pin on main Map.     Is there anything else I am overlooking?   
Location: 34.835463 -120.402267
Thank you, Chris K7AZ    

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I put my GL-USB150 on 34.83546 -120.40227

Hi, Chris:
Edit: With Nightly 1279:
I just put my GL-USB150 on 34.83546 -120.40227,
clicked Apply Locations Settings,
clicked Upload data to AREDN servers.
Now my node appears on the AREDN map near Orcutt, CA.
3s, Chuck


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34.83546, -120.40227 ?

Hi Chuck,
I saw your GL-USB150 pin on ARDEN map but now it is gone.    Did you change coordinates?   
My 120 degree sector node at subject coordinates still wont show up on the map.  Baffling.  
Meanwhile,   I would like to know how to DELETE two pins from a portable setup last week in City Of Industry. 
73 & Thanks,
Chris K7AZ          

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Did you change coordinates?

Hi, Chris:
 Nope, but I did upgrade from Nightly 1279 to 1315.
Somehow my gl-usb150 returned 'home'.

As Jim K6CCC mentioned, Nightly 1301 is erasing lat/lon from the AREDN map.
We may need to load 'Stable' update the map, then return to the nightly.
To 'delete' a map node (pin) set lat/log to null, then 'upload data...'.
3s, Chuck


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Just confirmed that at least

Just confirmed that at least with Nightly 1301, uploading to the AREDN map server will result in the node being removed from the map.

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AREDN map: Something is amiss

My node on the map has reverted back 2 years!

Node Console
Desc: GL.iNet GL-USB150
FW ver: 1101-ad0caaf
Ch: 6
MAC: E4:95:6E:48:53:BF
Last updated: 2019-10-06 13:46:41.194114

Neither Stable nor Nightly 1315 will update the AREDN map.



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Two days ago, I dusted off my GL.iNet GL750 and put it back online using the firmware, I updated my location and submitted via "Update data to AREDN Servers", it updated my node on the map with the new location and data.

Today, when I updated to (as well as trying the daily build 1389-8dc74c1), I filled in the lat/lon, "Applied Location Settings", and Updated the data again, at which point my node (KG7GTC-GL750-005) disappeared from the map. I did a search in case it was appearing elsewhere, with zero results. I also verified that my location info had been updated on my GL-750 via sysinfo.json.

I just tried it again, but didn't see my node reappear.


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Will get fixed

The keeper of the map is traveling.  He reports he'll address this issue when he returns (next week, I think).

Orv W6BI

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should be all fixed now.  

should be all fixed now.   Check to see your nodes are on the map now....

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Yes, fixed.

Yes, looks like it is fixed.  All my missing nodes are showing and I did not have to re-upload them.


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Not Fixed for Me

Hi, folks,
I've got two nodes, KD7ZWV-0 and KD7ZWV-1, both Mikrotik devices and updated to the latest firmware.  KD7ZWV-0 is directly connected to my LAN (and hence to the internet).  KD7ZWV-1 is connected by ethernet to KD7ZWV-0.  KD7ZWV-0 DOES show on the map, KD7ZWV-1 does NOT.

Now, here's what I've tried...

KD7ZWV-1 DOES show the button, so it thinks it can reach the internet.  It was able to download the firmware for the upgrade today, so that's a good sign.
Pressing the button on KD7ZWV-1 reports that the data has been uploaded.

Running tcpdump on KD7ZWV-0 reveals that when KD7ZWV-1 tries to send its update, it receives a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.  KD7ZWV-0 does NOT receive this error and is able to successfully update itself on the map (I can see the updated data on the map viewer... it has the new firmware version).

I have attached the TCP packet capture file that shows both KD7ZWV-0's connection and KD7ZWV-1's connection if anyone wants it.  These captures include timestamps so you can compare them with the server error logs.  It looks like the time of the failure is approximately 2022-06-22 03:02:02 UTC.

I will do some more experimentation to see if I can find the cause of the failure... as I hadn't set the capture length, the captured packets I have are truncated.  There may be something obviously wrong with the json in the packet from KD7ZWV-1 that I'm not seeing.

File Attachment: 
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Fixed It

Okay, I figured out what might be the problem...

I had the following text as the Node Description:  "Mikrotik LDF5 currently pointed at about 30°."

After removing that text, and updating the position again, the node now appears on the map.  I'm suspecting the degree symbol "°" is causing some grief in the backend.


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Found the Underlying Problem

so, a couple of things...

I'm okay with the back end barfing on the character it was not expecting (although I would have hoped that it would have handled it).  What I'm not okay with is the front end saying "yep, everything is great, uploaded your stuff" when it got back a 500.

So, I took a look at the code that handles this and it actually shells out to curl to make the call.  The script uses "curl" to make the call out and appears to try to detect a failure.  Unfortunately, curl's response to a server-side error is "hey, I got something back, that's a success!".  You have to call curl with the "-f" option to have it actually fail on a HTTP return code of 400 or higher.

So, my suggestion is to modify files/www/cgi-bin/setup around line 80 to include the "-f" option in the call to curl.  This would have given me an indication at least that there was a problem. 

Unfortunately, the version of curl in aredn does not support the "--fail-with-body" option which would actually return the error message that could be captured and shown to the user.  I mean, it's not much better to say "hey, we failed because of an Internal Server Error" but that's probably better than "hey, we failed and I have no idea why."

So, I haven't contributed to aredn before... are pull requests accepted?  Personally, I'd have written this functionality with the Perl LWP library rather than shelling out to curl, but it's been a while since I worked in an embedded environment... maybe there are not enough resources to haul LWP and all of its goodies around all the time. 

Anyway, thanks for working on this project.  I'd love to see the map be more accurate (I'm sure there are a bunch of nodes that are no longer really here, as well as a bunch of nodes that are that are not showing up), but that's another problem for another day.

73 de KD7ZWV


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Join us

Jan, you are welcome to join us.  We are currently looking for someone to help rewrite our UI in Vue.JS & Nuxt.  BTW, we just dumped Perl in favor of Lua...  Send me an email to <callsign> and we can discuss how you can help.

Andre, K6AH

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Well, that's too bad, as I'm

Well, that's too bad, as I'm a Perl and Python programmer at best (I'm really a DevOps guy).  I've used Lua a little bit, and I have some familiarity with JS, but I've never used any of the tool kits.  My son is more of a front end guy, but he's not into amateur radio.  Still, I'm interested in helping out where I can.  I'll send you an e-mail.

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I've added a fix to stop is

I've added a fix to stop is silently failing.

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