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Rocket M2 XM

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Rocket M2 XM
I have unable to apply the latest nightly release to a Rocket M2 XM.  Many tries and no luck. 
It looks like it might be working, seems to reboot once and then returns to the administration screen unchanged.
Initially it was working on a much earlier release, 405 I believe it was.  I had success in getting to take the current stable
release however.  But it will not update with the currently nightly. I stopped counting the number of attempts.  I did use the drop down
feature to load the current stable release and downloaded the nightly myself. It would initially display the normal screen
indicating the update was in progress and always came back to the admin screen unchanged.
Anyone have any thoughts?

When you used the dropdown it

When you used the dropdown it seems like the node chose the correct firmware image on its own.  Can you identify which firmware image it chose?  It's possible that when you downloaded the NB firmware yourself you may have chosen an image that doesn't work on your hardware.  There are several possible images depending on the exact model of rocket you're working with.

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Yes, the drop down identified the node as the XM version and I applied the current stable version which went very well.  Using the readme file to determine the ath79 version for the XM hardware without USB port.  This failed to load after many attempts. I eventually tried the ath71 version as well which did not work. I am connected direct to the node.  I may attempt to load over the air since I have other nodes here in very close proximity.  Otherwise, I am stumped.
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1137 and Success Rocket M2 XM
The 1337 Nightly Release was a charm.  Working well.   Thank you Team!

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