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MikroTik RB260GSP

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MikroTik RB260GSP

This managed smart switch, the MikroTik RB260GSP is a 5 port, 4 with passive PoE out.  It works great with AREDN, and can be configured with VLANS as needed to tunnel, DTD, or whatever you need via their simplfied SwOS (much easier than their typical RouterOS software).  I just noticed that there is a seller on ebay selling these starting at $25 ea.  I'm bidding on one of them, but there are 7 others that are fully functional at that price, plus a few more with a few ports not working.  For anyone looking for a cheap, fully functional, switch, I'd get one or two.  Also, they can be powered via 12vdc, and use the standard barrel jack size, so they are very easy to use in an AREDN use case.  Much easier than the Netgear GS108Ev3 which needs 48v in.  And I don't have a great way to test this in detail, but I believe it uses less power as well.  Of course, it being 24v passive poe only, it won't power a phone or anything else that required real deal af or at PoE.

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I have a couple RB260 family
I have a couple RB260 family switches. They work very well. One is the POE version and is currently powering three Rockets and a LHG. Highly recommended.

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