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V3.22.1.0 is now available

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V3.22.1.0 is now available

Stable Release version is now available.  For Release Notes see the Home page under News.  

Andre, K6AH


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new stable version


First upgrades with the stable version
2 nodes RBSXTsq-5HPnD working ok
1 node hAP RB952Ui-5ac2nD working ok
1 node TPlink CPE610 v2.0 working ok

Thanks Aredn team

Mario, LU4EOU

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New Stable Version
Updated seven PowerBeam M5-400's, two Rocket M5 XW/s, two Rocket M3 XM's, and a NanoBridge 5G25 (32Mb RAM)
So far, so good.  All but 3 done over extended network.  NanoBridge done locally.

Great work.
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V3.22.1.0 is now available


First upgrades with the stable version via remote:
  • 2 nodes RBSXTsq-5HPnD: working ok
  • 1 node hAP RB952Ui-5ac2nD: working ok but not at first shot... but at third time it goes well.
Locally upgrades 1 node hAP RB952Ui-5ac2nD but tunnel server reinstall needed make me sweat a bit... but it recover old configuration and all ok in no time.

Nice job AREDN team

73 de Leo IZ5FSA

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yes.   We do save your tunnel
yes.   We do save your tunnel configs when "Keep Settings" is checked during a sysupgrade.
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I had trouble getting a
I had trouble getting a rocket M2 upgraded. I tried twice from the UI (download firmware), and both times it rebooted with FW version I then tried and uploading the firmware from my computer, and it was successful. Not sure if this is because of item 1 on the change log, because i did not get prompted that the file name was incorrect. So it may have failed a validation check silently. Note that I did not get prompted about the file name when it successfully updated either. Happy to dump the log or whatever if it would be helpful.
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I'm experiencing this issue
I'm experiencing this issue on a few other nodes as well.  Here are my findings:

UBNT Rocket M2 XW = Problem - resolved by manual uploading
Nanostation M5 XM = Problem - left unresolved
Other Nanostation M5 XM = Worked
Mikrotik LHG-XL 5G = Problem - resolved by trying three times
Mikrotik LDF5 = Worked
gl.Inet AR300M = Worked
gl.Inet AR150 = Worked
other gl.Inet AR150 = Problem - resolved by trying two times
gl.Inet USB = Problem - resolved by trying two times

They were a combination of and 667-7163819 firmware versions prior to the upgrade attempts.  I didn't see a correlation between prior firmware and successful upgrades.

All devices have a relatively good link rf connection (lower than 1.8 ETX).

With the LHG-XL, I tried two times and it failed, and on the third attempt it worked.

I have left the NSM5 on the old firmware so that I can reproduce the issue if there is some testing I can do that would be helpful.  Rereading the thread above, IZ5FSA said it didn't work on the first shot.  This may have been what he was seeing as well.
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Of the 14 nodes that I
Of the 14 nodes that I updated, a few required two or three tries.  I don't even consider that a failure - that's just par for the course.  My 14 nodes consist of:
hAP, Rocket M5 XM, Rocket M5 XW, Rocket M3, LHG 2G-HP, LHG 5G-HP, LHG 5G, GL-USB150, GL-AR750
Nodes updated
I attempted 14 nodes.  All but the 2 air routers updated correctly to the new stable release. All told were 5 baseboxes, 6 hapac, 1 ar750, 2 air routers.   I guess the air routers lack enough memory to properly update.  We plan to change out the air routers to hapac to solve the issue. Good job on the new stable.

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