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Happy Mesh Year! Yet another network test!

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Happy Mesh Year! Yet another network test!


"PARDEN" the interruption!  October's Meshoween network test was so successful that we've decided to celebrate with another one at the end of the year.  We'll celebrate New Nodes Eve and then Happy Mesh Year!

Seriously, this is an opportunity to stress the network again after the router storm mitigation patch has time to promulgate throughout the network.  Meshoween also revealed an issue with the performance of the Mesh Status page when the node count got high.  Both these patches were published in nightly builds in early November.  If your node's running a nightly build later than that, you should be good to go.   

The WWL - "World Wide Linkup" will start at 000Z on 1/1/2022  (afternoon of the 31st for the U.S.) and last at least 4 hours.  If you've brought up a tunnel that you don't normally use, feel free to drop it anytime after 4 hours.

So crank up those tunnels and be on the lookout for network wierdnesses.

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N2MH SuperNode Participation

As of now, Tennessee, Wisconsin, S.E. Pennysylvania and New England will be patched through to the Mesh Year network. If any other networks on the SuperNode wish to join, please let me know.

73, Mark, N2MH

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Happy Mesh Year! during and after

Normal local network metrics:
hAP: load average 0.32, 0.44, 0.44

OLSR Entries
 Total = 243
 Nodes = 66

1/1/22 00:49 tunnel linking SWOH to SoCal enabled.
After an hour...
load average 1.79, 1.49, 1.28 (*)

OLSR Entries:
  Total 4311
Nodes 1213
I would accept a load average < 1.0.
I do not think a  proposed hAP-ac would reduce 1.79 to < 1.0.

Ten hours after the tunnel to SoCal was terminated, the local network was stable and had normal values.

73, Chuck


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More on Happy Mesh Year test

N2MH reported a peak of about 1500 nodes on his SuperNode network.  Here in SoCal we peaked at around 1260 nodes.
Since it's only been a couple of months since the first test ("Meshoween"), the results weren't a lot different.  Comments were mostly about slow and locked up nodes.  Those were most likely related to unpatched software and/or old hardware.
We won't do another test probably until we have a new production release and everyone's had the opportunity to download it and kick the tires.

Orv W6BI

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