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ubiquiti airfiber 60lr as a backbone?

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ubiquiti airfiber 60lr as a backbone?
I was looking at the ubiquiti airfiber 60ghz lr dish and was thinking perhaps arden could be implemented on that since we already are allowed to use those frequencies

is it possible to install the arden software on the ubiquiti airfiber 60ghz lr dish to be used as a backbone to several different sites or would it need to be modified to work with those units?

Or would it be less complex to use the units as they are and have them connected through a switch to feed to the arden network further down

Stephen KK6ZJC
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ubiquiti airfiber 60lr

The frequency range of the ubiquiti airfiber 60lr, 57-71 GHz, is not any part of Part 97 allocations.

The ubiquiti airfiber 60lr is not in the 'Supported Platform Matrix'.

A reference indicates that the half-power-beamwidth may be 0.42 degrees.
( )

This may require a very stable mount at each end and very accurate aiming.

I hope this helps,

it does
guess i shouldn't take and believe everything the arrl says as gospel..


Above 10.50 GHz*

All modes and licensees (except Novices) are authorized Amateur Bands above 10.5 GHz.

* US amateurs must check Sections 97.301, 97.303, 97.305 and 97.307 for sharing requirements before operating.

Thank you for that help
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Ham bands above 10 GHz

Amateur allocations above 10 GHz:
10.0-10.5 GHz
24.0-24.25 GHz
47.0-47.2 GHz
76.0-81.0 GHz*
122.25 -123.00 GHz
134-141 GHz
241-250 GHz
All above 300 GHz

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60GHz is extremely distance limited.
Also, 60GHz is extremely distance limited.  That would work fine if you are trying to get across the street - and not a lot more.  Fog and even high humidity will kill a link.

thats what i thought...
but not according to Ubiquiti.

they are claiming this unit can do 12km which is why i was looking at it as a backbone.
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Only under absolutely ideal
Only under absolutely ideal conditions.  Add the fog that I had this morning and you won't get more than a few hundred feet.
it would have made a good backbone across a school campus perhaps if they were lucky
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oopps forgot the link
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As I recall, AirFiber units
As I recall, AirFiber units use encryption and it cannot be disabled.   FYI.

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