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Current IP PTZ Camera Recommendations?

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Current IP PTZ Camera Recommendations?
We use Sunba cameras here with reasonably good results, but the model we use is no longer available and their management interface requires IE and a proprietary plugin.   We plan on replacing them in the next year or two.   

Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced, IP POE PTZ camera, with a modern UI? 


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Don't the newer sunbas
Don't the newer sunbas support all browsers? I think i did have to use a plugin tho.
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Sunbas -

That could very well be - I don't know what plugins a modern browser would use, though.  Thanks for the tips.

I have a Sunba covering my
I have a Sunba covering my Radio control flying field. I am disappointed they don't have the ability to do Mjpeg which covers all browsers. Using VMS works very well but is hard to explain to the club members. I built a Raspberry Pi here at my house that takes the output from my VMS and relays it as a series of jpegs. That way anyone can view the camera at my web site
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raspi + fpv servo mount

one possibility is to have a raspberry pi and pi camera with an fpv servo mount connected to the gpio
write a little code for some buttons on a webpage to adjust the pwm signal out the gpio for the servos and you have a little pan tilt camera

I did it back in 2016 for a robot I built in high school but I lost my code for it

its a bit more complicated than an embedded drop in poe ptz camera

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I know that no one likes to
I know that no one likes to hear this but a good PTZ cost ~$1000 and It's up hill from there!

Consider how you plan to power the camera! Is 24vdc needed at the camera, dose the camera run on 24v passive POE, dose it run on 48vdc POE. 

The Sony starlight ccd is found in most of the following cameras. Im a fan of the module!

Here a few cameras that I've found in research: 
-M5525-E 1080p Outdoor PTZ
-Bosch MIC IP starlight 7100i
-(NOT PTZ) G3 FLEX ubiquity
-2MP 25x Starlight IR WizSense Network PTZ Camera SD5A225XA-HNR-SL
-SuperZoom-44 Long Range PTZ
-DH SD49425XB HNR zoom

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Some PTZ's you can use RSTP or RSTPS. If they do, check VLC app and use Network Stream.

Tom Eagle (email) K0JPR

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I assume you really mean RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) and not RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)?
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FOSCAM PTZ with WiFi experience?

Does anyone have experience with a WiFi cam like this or Foscam in general? Can we use the cam's WiFi to network it with radios with AREDN firmware?  It looks like HUGE bang for the buck, super configurable, ONVIF with support for all browsers, etc.. Has an RJ45 and takes 12VDC!

I've used Foscam wifi cams

I've used Foscam wifi cams for years, a long time ago though, and they all eventually died and other brands have surpassed them in the high value interior ip cam space. I've replaced them with the Wyze ones, a much better value for the low-cost category (ie: $40 each with pan or still, some with zoom but I haven't tried those). They're pretty good for basic int/exterior monitoring via phone app. I don't think they support browsers yet though but that may have changed. I have no idea on how they could integrate with AREDN though, since I'm very new to mesh and still learning. Next on my list is getting a good starter poe ptz cam to put on the roof.

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Wyze cameras
I have several dozen Wyze cameras and for inexpensive cameras they are fine.  However for the most part they are accessible only via their phone app.  They do not support RTSP, and only connect via WiFi (no Ethernet connection).  They MUST have an Internet connection in order to operate at all.  If you have a paid CamPlus subscription, there is web access that only sort of works.  Wyze recently moved that out of the beta stage, but it's not really ready for prime time.

What all that means is that they are not overly practical for use on AREDN.
Low Cost IP Camera

I bought this for under $50

Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera IP2M-841B

and it was a bit of a chore to use the phone app to get it working then make it IP instead of tied to the cell phone app.  However it's configured and ready to deploy in my go kit of AREDN stuff.  The power supply however is not POE so I either throw a 5V power supply next to the camera or possibly use a power injector in reverse to extract POE then convert it to 5V to power the camera ... haven't actually tried doing that yet.

I have a generic user account that has no password so anyone can view by clicking the link (no login) it if I put it on the mesh, and another user account that is password protected to control Pan and Tilt etc.  This low cost camera does not have Zoom however.  Amcrest has a similar cost outdoor rated camera that also runs on 5V but can connect via wifi so if I deploy somewhere with a hAP in theory I could place the other model outdoors and just give it 5V from a battery pack.

The key is finding a camera that allows you to have access via a browser instead of only via the consumer phone app.


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