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AR750s-EXT (supported?)

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AR750s-EXT (supported?)
I heard great reviews of the ar750 so i bought one.  Tried flashing firmware and i keep getting this error:  

Failed! ERROR: Incorrect firmware format! Please try again!

I have tried both the Stable firmware and the Nightly build.  I checked the model number and realized it may not be supported.  Has anyone been able to flash firmware to an AR750s EXT?
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The grey AR750 Slate is not compatible, just the white Creta.
The "S" on the AR750S-EXT, means "Slate" and it is not compatible with AREDN. The normal white AR750 'Creta' is the one that is compatible with AREDN.
-Damon K9CQB
Thank you. Equipment
Thank you. Equipment returned to Amzn

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