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Nanostation5 firmare image

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Nanostation5 firmare image
I just purchased two Nanostation5 units. When trying to load the Aredn firmware I continually get a message stating I have a bad firmware image. I have downloaded several times now with no luck and have tried both the XM and XW images with the same results. 

The box states the Nanostations are loaded with AirOS v.4 which is consistent with what I see when going to the system tab to begin the update so I am certain I should be using the XM version of the image and should not be having the problems referenced related to V5.6.

Thank you
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Are they nanostation 5's or

Are they nanostation 5's or nanostation m5's?

the non-m versions don't have enough memory, thus are unsupported

(AirOS 4 is really really old which is why I ask)

That would explain it
What I received from Amazon is the 5 not the m5. Guess it is time for a return as the page stated they were m5.
Is there a way to reload the
Is there a way to reload the original 5.5.x Ubiquiti image? I got a couple of Nanostation Loco M5s that are not on the supported list, and I want to return them to Amazon. Can't do that with the AREDN image loaded.
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Yes, download the stock
Yes, download the stock Ubiquiti firmware from their web site--in the support download area.   Then, follow the "tftp" instructions to load this firmware to the devices.
nanostation2 non m
ok with the nanostation2 the non m is it just the memory not having enough space is the problem os is it other hardware that wont work too if i upgrade the memory module and tftp in the m firmware might that work simply enough or will i need to figure out a custom firmware to upload to get it to work i know i could do that with some and i mean some of the old Linksys routers back in the day to have more space

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