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Any alternative ways to tunnel

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Any alternative ways to tunnel

I have been looking into the gl.inet USB 150 however everywhere appears to be sold out with no restock in sight. Has anyone found another way to tunnel back to his/her network? Was looking for a small cheap solution was hoping there may be a solution?

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GL-iNet AR750 or Mikrotik hAP

GL-iNet AR750 or Mikrotik hAP AC lite.
There are others.  None quite as small as the USB150.

Yea I have a few hap ac lite

Yea I have a few hap ac lite's. Not quite portable for everyday carrying. Plus I would need to figure out power. The USB 150 is perfect for the phone to tunnel, just wished I picked one up sooner when they were available.

I was hoping there was solution using something equivalent like a raspberry pi zero (not necessarily installing AREDN on the pi but a way to tunnel.) Small, cheap, easy...

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Small form factors

The AR750 is only 3.5" x 2.75" and even better, runs on USB power.     You might want to consider it.

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Try the GL-AR150

Another option is the GL-AR150.  It works fine and it's available now for $27.90 + shipping.

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