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Grandstream phones

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Grandstream phones
Is anyone using Grandstream VoIP phones? Do you know where to find the configuration manual?
Randy WU2S
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their web site
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i  do.  i really like them
i  do.  i really like them because they are web configurable (as well as provisionable via TFTP)
I am
I am using them.   I really like them.  Very easy to use.  Cheap and you do not need to be a programmer to know how make them work.  
I found this video before I bought the system and phones.  They have been working great for me over mesh.

Great basic setup video.  

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Another brand to consider is Yealink,  They also are configurable via web and tftp as well as other means. I've seen them sold on Amazon singly and it blocks of 6 which drop the price down. I've also compared the handset audio with Grandstream. The Grandstream handset sounds a little tinny compared to the Yealink.

Just my $0.02 ....

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