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Ubiquity NanostationLOCO M2 XM Chipset AirOS V5.5

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Ubiquity NanostationLOCO M2 XM Chipset AirOS V5.5

I have 2 NanoStation LOCO M2 with XM chipset. Haven't been able to successfully load V3.21 or earlier versions of AREDN software. Have downgraded to AIrOS v5.6.15 but U-boot program still says BAD for Version and GOOD for memory. Ubinity download site does not have v5.5.11 SIGNED firmware and AirOS won't let me downgrade to unsigned FW. I have also tried going around AirOS using SSH and PuTTY to load the renamed file into the node, but it doesn't like the size of the file for some reason. Wondering if the code is XM.Does anyone have a SIGNED version of 5.5.11 . Any other ideas? Thanks!

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AA2CU,  changes were made in
AA2CU,  changes were made in the AREDN firmware a while back that no longer require downgrading the AirOS firmware to v5.5.11.   For this to work, upload the AREDN firmware using the tftp method and not through the AirOS UI -- which looks for signed firmware, and limits uploading AirOS versions back  ~2 versions or so only.   It is possible to downgrade AirOS to a point where it will load the AREDN firmware, before signatures were required.   The openwrt documentation continues to say v5.5.11, but the condition to go back that far was fixed (in both openwrt and AREDN).  The AirOS release notes history document where signatures were introduced.


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