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Anyone Else in the Allen/McKenny Area?

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Anyone Else in the Allen/McKenny Area?
I'm looking to setup a node in the Parker/Lucas area, and was wondering if anyone else is around.  I see K5RA is relatively close, so I'll try pointing my kit that way to see if it works.  If not, I can setup an Omni and connect my WAN to the Internet if the need arises.

Sad to see nothing up in this NE corner of the Metroplex :(

-- JD
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TX nodes
I'm sure there's more than just K5RA, but not everybody registers their nodes on the map, as it's optional and requires Internet access.  Hopefully someone will respond.

I did see K4SPB in the SW corner of the Metroplex (here: ).  If nothing else you could tunnel to him for starters.   

Orv W6BI
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Remember that some folks do not register their node locations due to concern that their local HOA will be alerted to the "violation" by someone dropping a dime on them. Was that way in Henderson NV for some I knew. No matter how otherwise stealthy, it's difficult to refute a self-admission and publication of "prohibited radio use".

- Don - AA7AU

See below for what I can currently see from Rockwall, might be possible to mesh with KG5EIU:

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