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RTSP String for Trendnet Cam

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RTSP String for Trendnet Cam
Hello to the group,

I have a nice but older Trendnet IP cam. I have been making good headway getting all the RTSP strings for the other cams I have. This little Trendnet is kicking my but. I have looked on the ISpy site where they have some cheat sheets and the ones I have tried have not worked. The camera model is below.

If anyone can help give a nudge in the right direction with a RTSP string format I can use in VLC that would be great!

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For reference:

I'm not sure what the URL string is for Trendnet cameras, but I do know that streams are usually viewed with a media player like VLC.  You might try perusing the MESH nodes to see how others are doing it and try them with your VLC media player.   For example, I just checked this known good one:


Username: user1
Password: viewOnly
(case sensitive)

It appears that the URL streams depend upon which feed (for example, high res or low res) you want to be viewable.  

Hope that helps.  If you do figure out, please post the solution.


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Ispy has collected a great database for cameras and their RTSP URL streams.  It's here:

Orv W6BI

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