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POE Not Working on Mikrotik HAP AC

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POE Not Working on Mikrotik HAP AC

I am running a Mikrotik HAP AC to a TP-LINK CPE210 running firmware 38-3faf42c on the Mikrotik and firmware on the CPE210.  When I initially configured my setup at my kitchen table using 2 ft cat6 cables everything worked great.  I was able to communicate to the Mikrotik and it saw the node as a neighbor through port 5 on the Mikrotik (yes, I have POE passthrough turned on).

As soon as I put my node on my roof and ran ~50 ft of cat6 from port 5 of the Mikrotik to the node, I can't see the node as a neighbor.  The node is being powered on via the lights on the node, but it won't show up as a neighbor.

To ensure my cat6 cable was right I took the Mikrotik completely out of the loop and communicated to the node directly, through the POE switch that came with the node.  That worked fine.  I could communicate and see neighbors.

I added the Mikrotik back into the loop and turned off POE passthrough and ran from port 5 into the POE switch and then to the node and everything works fine, but if I turn POE passthrough back on and take the separate POE switch out, the Mikrotik can no longer communicate to the node.

Anyone ideas why the Mikrotik POE can power the node (lights turning on at the node), but can't communicate using POE passthrough enabled?

Editing to add a picture of the advanced configuration screen.  In this screen, POE passthrough off, I am able to connect from port 5 of the router, to the separate POE switch, to the node.  If I turn this on, then save, then reboot, and take the separate POE switch out, I am not able to communicate to the node, even though the node lights turn on.

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Power source?
What is powering the Mikrotik?  My two hAPs came with different power supplies.One will power a POE device and the other won't - not enough current capability.  If your supply is right on the ragged edge of capability, it might work with a short cable, but the voltage drop over 50 feet could leave not enough to run the CPE210.  Might have enough umph to turn on lights, but not enough to actually function.  The fact that it works with a separate POE injector leads me to belive this is a power problem.
Good thought.  I will see if

Good thought.  I will see if I can find a higher current power supply for it.  I am just using the one that came with the Mikrotek.

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What is the ratings on the
What is the ratings on the power supply?  As I said my two hAPs came with different supplies that were substantially different capacity.
The one I have is 24 volt out
The one I have is 24 volt out at 1200 mA.  I haven't measured it to ensure that it is actually outputting that much, but that is the rating at least.
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I'm in the process of converting as many pieces of equipment as possible in my shack to run on my 12V backup battery.  I have a 12V to 24V converter that drives the hAP, leaving lots of power capacity to run out Port 5 for nodes (which are on a run of Ethernet cable out the side of the garage, to the back of the house, under the patio, and 50 feet up the tower).

Even if you don't have a battery the inverter lets you run it off your 12V power supply (assuming it has enough surplus capacity).

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From the Mikrotik hap ac lite
From the Mikrotik hap ac lite manual I just found the following statement

The PoE on Ether5 outputs approximately 2 V below input voltage and supports up to 0.58A (So provided 24 V PSU will provide 22V/0.58 A output to the Ether5 PoE port).

So if my power supply is working correctly, then I should easily be getting the 0.58A out of the router and to the node.

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