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Direct Dial IP with CISCO SPA504G

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Direct Dial IP with CISCO SPA504G
I have a Cisco IP Phone model SPA504G.  It's on the list of recommended IP phones:

It works,  it can receive phone calls at AREDN IP

Problem is, I can't figure out how to dial an AREDN IP address with the menus / keypad on the phone.

I've dug through the phone's web interface as well.  There's some kind of phone book in there, but it doesn't seem to work.

Anyway, if anyone has a web resource or just knows the correct key sequence to dial by IP direct to another AREDN IP phone (no PBX, no SIP), I would greatly appreciate the help.

---mark, KM6ZPO

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For those of you who have a Cisco SPA504G and are having difficulty figuring out how to dial out by an IP address, here's the solution.

Go into the Personal Directory settings.
Add an entry like this:


Where n = the name of the directory entry
P= the IP address.

You can do this via the dial pad, but it's a real pain entering IP addresses that way.

Then from the keypad, select the Directory, select the entry and dial.  Works great!
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Thank you! Not a lot on IP
Thank you! Not a lot on IP dialing with this phone series!

Denis KD1HA
I am just getting into ARDEN VOIP and do not fully understand your instructions. When I go to add a New Personal Dir Entry, there are three lines/fields that can be used: Name: Number: Ring. Ring always stays as default.Name can be entered with the code above (ie: n=A;p= Phone can only receive numbers but not = or ; or letters.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks Art
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What brand / model phone do you have?
@k8all - these instructions are for the Cisco SPA504G.  Which phone do you have?

---mark, KM6ZPO
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IP to IP dialing
From what I am reading here, IP to IP calling is workable without a PBX? 
I have my SPA-941 connected and my MikroTik (lite) assigned an IP address. And I have another phone enroute to another member (with an active node) that lives across town.

If this does work. My next shipment will go to our state EMCOM liaison.

After that, maybe a PBx.

Bruce, N1JGB
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Much easier on my GrandStream
Much easier on my GrandStream IP phone.  There is a manu item for IP dialing.  Very simple.

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