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Two Nanostations and common switch

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Two Nanostations and common switch
Can two Nanostations (one 2 and one 5 gig) have their network connections on the same switch?  I'm confused about the DTD feature in other devices.

Right now I have two Nanostations on a tower and was planing to plug them into one switch at the base of the tower.  Is this okay?

Thanks in advance.


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Yes, and that will
Yes, and that will effectively link the 2.4Ghz and 5GHz networks via the DtD link function in the nodes. Normal configurations with a basic switch may cause some randomness in which node provides an IP address to a device connected, so, if you plan on hosting a service there, such as a meshchat server, or a webcam, temporarily disconnect one of the nodes, connect the device and reserve it's address on the remaining node. Then set the IP address as a static address, and configure the service. After that's done, reconnect the node you disconnected. 
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DHCP servers
Alternatively, just disable the DHCP server(s) all but one of the nodes.

Orv W6BI
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Multiple AREDN devices and common (dumb,simple) switch


You don't need a switch, yet, until you add a DHCP client device; a service or a computer.
If you want to add a DHCP client to the switch, things get complicated, and
then follow Chrissy's (#2) or Orv's (#3) suggestions.

Else, if there are only 2 nodes and no services,
You can simply put a cat5/6 cable between the LAN ports of the POE injectors.


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