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GL-AR150 new device setup

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GL-AR150 new device setup

When setting up a new device, I entered the call sign as part of the device name and then attempt to save. The device then attempts to save and reboot but it does  not function at all after that. It does not reboot.  I have device physically plugged into my LAN, but that does not seem to make any difference. I have to reset the device and start over to attempt to save call sign and password again. have tried with and without LAN attached.   Any suggestions?


GL-AR150 new device setup - making progress but more issues

Thanks for all the assistance. I now can log into the device by wifi and manages its settings. My laptop when running winlink and connected to the node by wifi, recognizes the node as an AREDN node with an attached RMS Relay service on a desktop computer connected to the wired LAN that is attached to the GL-AR150.I  am using a Netgear dumb switch to connect the GL-AR150 to both my desktop computer which has RMS Relay installed on it and to my Apple router.  My computers are all running Microsoft windows.

The new issue is that this connection only works if I have the winlink postoffice telnet settings in my laptop set up to address the RMS Relay installation by.its normal ip address on my regular apple network. It will not connect to the winlink postoffice if I use the auto configured settings for the AREDN node name discovered by Winlink.  In fact such AREDN system addressed connections are actively blocked by my AREDN node. The error message identified the IP address of the GL-AR150 device assigned to it by AREDN software as the location where the connection was blocked.

I have attached images of my setup information and the error message.  Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


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