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Software or should I return my hardware?

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Software or should I return my hardware?
Hi, I'm new to AREDN and trying to set up my first node.
I have a TP-Link CPE510 v3.28
I've loaded AREDN version on node.

My problem is I can't connect or see nodes in the ham only channels. (or I therorize this anyway).
If i set the bandwidth to 20MHz, I see a ton of SSIDs all over the area.
If I set the bandwidth to 10MHz and point in the direction of the Saddleback Node, I see nothing.  I drove to a node on channell 170, still see nothing. I drove to a node in Mission Viejo on channel 149, I can see it no problem on the WiFi scan and when I go to the mesh status screen it lists as a neighbor.

Is it possible that my hardware cannot see above "normal" 5 GHz channels?  If so, is it hardware or could it be software?

I've attached my Support Data from the node, if that helps.

Please try the latest Nightly
Please try the latest Nightly build and let us know if the behavior is the same.

Andrew (KK4ZUZ)
I was able to connect

That seemed to do the trick.  From the park by my house with a clear line of sight to Saddleback, I was able to see the node in WiFi Scan and connect.  Previously I was not able to do so.  Now I just have to test and then mount from my roof. :)  Thanks for the assist!

Ray (K6NOV)

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