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Could AREDN work on this?

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Could AREDN work on this? It's inexpensive and easily expandable. If it can be done it could open up a lot of interesting options.
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It's a MediaTek Chipset, we use Atheros for AREDN
Sorry, sir. I think that device uses a MTK MT7688AN chipset. AREDN uses certain Atheros chipsets.
-Damon K9CQB
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While that's currently true
While that's currently true for the currently supported platforms, anything that OpenWRT has been ported to could theoretically support it, even if only to serve as an endpoint for VPNs, or on ch 1-11. We don't currently have any hacks to gain access to -1 and -2 on anything other than Atheros. Just an example, predecesor projects to AREDN (specifically BBHN) ran on just the public channels with the Broadcom chipsets, and I still have a couple of those around for short range demos, or more nodes for lab work. 
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Interesting. Access to the
Interesting. Access to the ham only channels is valuable, but I wonder if a path forward might become available on other hardware. Thanks for the info!

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