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NanoStation M5 - problem with 3.15 b1

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NanoStation M5 - problem with 3.15 b1

For those who may not have read through the tickets etc. Dave, VE3KMV (and I) had a problem loading the new firmware into a NanoStation M5 XM device (which should have worked). Note that the recently updated support chart shows this as green.  It was discovered by the very clever people who build this firmware, that there are 2 versions of old NanoStation XM. One is old and works fine with the new firmware. The other is "very" old (vintage 2008). On the setup screen, it gives a warning message that it is unsupported hardware. It loads ok but does not allow the full range of channels and does not handle the power setting properly. From reading the info in the tickets, it is not quite clear to me whether this has been resolved for beta 2 but I think it has. There probably aren't many of these around - our luck to get a few of them, all very old  :-). If you are having a problem with NanoStation M5's, this may be the cause. 73 Rick (VE3CVG)


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FYI... It will be in the next

FYI... It will be in the next beta

Commit: f9152254595301cd6f43a9e82a505be3bd76267c [f915225]
Parents: 751ab212f4
Author: Conrad Lara - KG6JEI
Date: June 21, 2015 at 9:24:43 PM CDT

bugfix: Add in-testing support for older NanoStation M5 XW boards

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NanoStation M5 - beta 2 feedback

We have updated and tested our old NanoStations. They now permit proper channel (frequency) and power settings and retain them. We still get an untested hardware red banner. We have not tested the actual power levels but they seem to be working fine.

I did notice that I was repeatedly asked for the password when setting the units up (i.e. nanostation did not seem to keep track of it). However, this could have been an aberration of my browser (IE).

Glad to see that this hardware is useable. Thanks for the fix!


Rick (VE3CVG)


It should be a Yellow banner

It should be a Yellow banner that says "!!!! THIS DEVICE IS STILL BEING TESTED !!!!" if not we have something weird going on.  It does sound like you have a browser issue of some sort as well as passwords  are not related to the device support that is at a much lower level.  Generally it is best to close the browser after flashing and reopen.

If its red I would be curious does it show the same hardware ID as was submitted in the other thread of 0xe005 ?

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More NanoStation M2 - beta 2 feedback

Yes - I have a yellow banner with red printing (well it looks red) - which says exactly as you stated. Sorry for the mis-information. It is the same hardware as submitted in the other thread. It appears to be working well.

Thanks again.

Rick (VE3CVG)



Ok perfect, Yep that's to be

Ok perfect, Yep that's to be expected, the wording actually would of changed the first time you installed it would of said "Untested" while now it's "Still being tested" very subtle difference I'll admit (it's one that we ask the beta team in the past to key off of) very easy to overlook if one isn't looking for it but it's a small nuance we have in the display thay tells us if we got things right.

What this basically means for you is we will give it an upgrade commit before release time (as long as no issues come up) to remove the banner and it will go away.

For the dev team it means "Identification of board accurate, code correctly written and well formatted, the programmers didn't make any errors, testing feedback looks good, controls as expected continue watching to make sure no issue comes up and promote to supported for release"

Finally found time to get my mesh going but ran into a problem the loco m5s.
Factory defaulted and downgraded my first 3 M5 XM devices from AirOS 5.6 to 5.5.11 and got good/good on u-boot test for all the devices. Flashed the Nanostation M5 with successfully. Next, flashed the two NS LOCO M5s but I am seeing this channel issue on both of them. The channel selection starts at 5.180 through 5.4xxGHz. Also noticed that the power level goes up to 27dBm, way more than what it supports. The firmware used on the LOCO M5s was AREDN- What did I do wrong?


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When the channel #s don't
When the channel #s don't show, this indicates that the firmware does not recognize the specific hardware rev. (except on 3ghz where there's no formal channel #s.)     The frequency selection indicates it is defaulting and thinks it's a 3Ghz device (which are also 5ghz hardware with a down converter).   Basically, the board id info file from AirOS is needed so we can put the correct settings into the firmware.    Might you have an XW NS Loco (not supported yet)?    AirOS version is XW v5.x.x.?

Where can I locate the hardware id? I remember seeing it when I was loading the firmwares late last night but cant remember now. If Im not wrong, it should be a hex number, correct? I have the support data file downloaded on my PC if that helps.

The strange thing is that Im almost positive that these LOCO M5s are the XM model. All 3 devices were bought almost 4 years ago and have always updated the "XM" firmware, up to 5.6 recently but brought them back down to 5.5.11 before loading AREDN last night.
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This may be an older hardware
This may be an older hardware rev that is not yet defined in the AREDN firmware, before XW timeframe.   The full details needed come from:
1) The device must be running AirOS--v5.5.x version. (you can flash this with TFTP )
2) Telnet or Putty into the node (default user is ubnt; password ubnt; default ip
3) Run "cat /etc/"
4) Copy-and-paste the output and post it in response to this post.

Please verify output
login as: ubnt
ubnt@'s password:

BusyBox v1.11.2 (2015-07-23 13:41:06 EEST) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

XM.v5.5.11# cat /etc/
board.cpurevision=0x00000101 Loco M5
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KX5DX,   Yes, this is a board
KX5DX,   Yes, this is a board ID not yet in AREDN firmware.  We'll get that added.  You should be able to edit the file "/www/cgi-bin/" and change this string (only in the file one place):

From:   "0xe8a5"
To:       "0xe0a5"

The  "0xe8a5" entry is the exact same definition for a NS Loco M5 with newer board ID with same settings.  Be sure to confirm back that this is working as expected.

Permission denied
root@KX5DX-NSLM5-1:~# /www/cgi-bin/
-ash: /www/cgi-bin/ Permission denied
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KX5DX,  there was some
KX5DX,  there was some assumed steps to use the "vi" editor.  Here are the exact command lines to use, cut and paste these into the window when you have the "root@KX5DX-NSLM5-1":~#" prompt:

cp /www/cgi-bin/ /tmp
cat /tmp/ | sed -e 's/0xe8a5/0xe0a5/' > /www/cgi-bin/

Then you can go into setup and see the proper settings.  If you suspect anything went wrong, undo this with (don't reboot the node or the original file will be lost and you can no longer do this command):

cp /tmp/ /www/cgi-bin/


Joe, you are the man.
Got 1 of 2 NSL fixed and will work on the other one tomorrow. It now shows the proper channel list and power settings.
Thanks for your help.


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