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Testing TP-Link Devices to do point release

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Testing TP-Link Devices to do point release
If you have a TP-Link device, we are in need to validate the nightly build images are working on a few devices.    What has happened, with some models affected in the release, an issue went undiscovered and some tp-link images were non-functional.    The openwrt release had added a section of code with sufficient duplication, that when the AREDN patches were applied on top, the changes went to a different section than intended, and went unnoticed. 

The following devices are believed to be working in the currently nightly build, because they have had code changes or upgrades since  -- a test would have confirmed.

* cpe220 v2
* cpe220 v3
* cpe510 v1.0/v1.1
* cpe510 v2.0
* cpe510 v3.0
* cpe610 v1.0
* wbs210 v1.0
* wbs210 v2.0
* wbs510 v1.0
* wbs510 v2.0

The following models have not had any reported issues.  We are not 100% sure if no one is using, or there remains a residual problem.  If you have one of these devices, can you confirm the current nightly build is installing and working as expected?:

cpe210 v1.0/v1.1
cpe210 v2.0
cpe210 v3.0
cpe510 v1.0/v1.1
cpe610 v2.0

Thanks to Andrew KK4ZUZ, all tplink devices have now been migrated to the latest linux kernel and ath79 target, enabling AREDN to inherit all openwrt upstream improvements in the future.   Andrew has been working with the openwrt developers to ensure these devices were put into openwrt, some for the first time.  This is a significant contribution! 

AREDN supported devices still include some mikrotik, ubiquiti, and GL.inet devices only building with the older ar71xx target, yet to make this jump.   OpenWRT no longer creates ar71xx target images in the latest builds and next release in 2021.    We will have further work to do to migrate these devices, if not done by the OpenWRT community.
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cpe210 v1.0
Confirmed 1601 nightly build working on cpe210 v1.0.

Orv W6BI
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CPE210 v2 Working
1601-d06bbaa working fine.  Upgraded exactly as expected.

Jonathan W6JLK
cpe210 v2.0 will not upgrade

I have a CPE-210 v2.0 currently running 1566-7c50771.

I tried sysupgrade using aredn-1601-d06bbaa-ath79-tplink_cpe220-v2-sysupgrade.bin and it never takes the load.

I've tried multiple times.  It does reboot every time.

- Mike ab4yy

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cpe210 v2.0 will not upgrade
Hi Mike, Going on what you have just written you are using the wrong update. You should be using the one for a cpe210 not a cpe220
Ha! You are right! I overlooked that.

Ha!  You are right!  I overlooked that.  I've got multiple directories for the different devices I manage and it's getting a bit confusing at times.

Thanks!  - Mike

It's all good now. aredn-1601

It's all good now. aredn-1601-d06bbaa-ath79-tplink_cpe210-v2-sysupgrade loaded okay and seems good.

(Thanks again ZL2AQY!)

- Mike

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I just got both of my 220's
I just got both of my 220's V2 and V3 up and running.

Great work guys!! 
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Not sure if this is related but...
I just upgraded my WBS210 v1.0's to the latest Development branch code without any issues. I'm not sure if that code is involved in this issue or not. Also, I should note that I used make MAINTARGET=ath79 so, I don't know if that affects it either.

Have a great night. :)
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Patrick,  yes all the tplink
Patrick,  yes all the tplink images are built with MAINTARGET=ath79, this is correct.   As far as is known, all models are working.  Although KK4ZUZ added a change in the last few days backporting from openwrt to turn on a LNA in tplink devices.   I assume someone discovered this issue affecting everyone in openwrt images as well. Maybe this was in the older ar71xx builds and got lost going to ath79 builds, but just guessing--not sure how long this was undiscovered.     Do you notice any performance improvements?

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I'll get back to you on that...
I've only upgraded the WBS210's right now and they're about ten feet apart. So, I can't say one way or another. But, I'm going to be mobile this week, trying to find out why one of our CPE210's is MIA, and also finding out what our coverage is. We put three CPE210's on the antenna tower at our community college on Wednesday. Two are working, one isn't. Once I can get them connected to my Internet-facing node, I"ll update them on the map. And I'll upgrade everything to the latest version.

Quick question then. I was using the development builds because, at my last check (like 8 months ago), the MAINTARGET=ath79 was still in that area. Is there any benefit to using the development build over the stable one now, since all I needed was that main target?

Have a great day. :)
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One other issue...
One other issue that I found the other day... At least in the 3.19.3 branch, there is no file firmware.wbs210-v1.list (or any wbsxxxx.list file). So, while there is firmware available, it doesn't find it when I try to refresh and download the firmware. That's in the directory. In the firmware directory, there is a list file for the WBS series.

And, I just answered my own question above. I'm using the latest snapshot build (4c08869). I just built it myself instead of downloading it from the site. :)

Have a great day. :)

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