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PTZ control/ONVIF

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PTZ control/ONVIF

I have three Sunba PTZ cameras on my network.  They're ONVIF compliant, but commanding them in PTZ has required a Windows 10 computer, IE and the vendor's proprietary DirectX plugin.

I run mostly Linux at home.   Happytime ONVIF client was recommended to me as a PTZ client.  It works in Windows, and also under Wine in Linux, but I've found its PTZ control to be 'glitchy'.   (Maybe I haven't found the correct configuration yet).

I stumbled on Shinobi yesterday.  It's actively maintained and understands a wide range of network protocols related to video.   It runs as a service on Mac, Windows or Linux, understands ONVIF and can control PTZ cameras (although I'd characterize its PTZ control as 'touchy' so far).

It isn't resource-heavy, but neither is it a lightweight.  It bogged down on an Atom-based computer I had, but runs fine on a core i5-based PC.

Here's a screenshot of it viewing 5 video streams (consuming 4-5 Megabits/second of mesh network bandwidth):

Orv W6BI

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Orv, we started using Blue
Orv, we started using Blue Iris for events in Orange County.   We found the Happytime program delayed by ~20 seconds with many streams and many limitations.  With Blue Iris all of the ONVIF cams could be controlled PTZ including saved location settings to jump to.   It is a paid program but the saying, you get what you pay for is applying here.  Unfortuanately,  it is only on windows.


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