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Hi There

Im a ham based on the Gold Coast and have been watching a lot of youtube videos on the AREDN Network.   

Whist I am predominantly (until recently) a HF person....I am intrigued by the AREDN concept.  I looked at the AREDN "activity" map for Australia and it looks pretty sad...very few if any nodes in Australia.

Is this actually the case?

Is it worth exploring or is there just not enough activity for me to get into it??

I might be wrong, so please correct me if so, but I understand I need to connect to another AREDN station (line of sight??) 

I have a strong NBN connection so expect I could somehow "cross over" from my actual internet system to AREDN but this of course defeats the purpose of an independent system should the main "grid" go down.

Any other ideas or suggestions??  How can I participate?  

Is it worth the effort in Australia when there seems to be so few people on the system?    The rest of the world looks pretty active !!!

Any help or guidance for a newby like me would be appreciated.


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It only takes one to develop an enthusiasm ;-)
Hey, just get your mates excited about it!  It only takes one more to get a network going.  It looks like 2GHz is a non-start for you due to limits in the Australia band plan, but 3 GHz and 5 GHz may be usable, but check with the Wireless ISP folks and see if you can find a quiet channels to operate outside of their channels.

Andre, K6AH
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Thank you !
I wanted to express my thanks to 2 hams from different countries who have been awesome in providing assistance. i wont name them here, but guys its really great....I was struggling here in VK to get connected and I really wanted to join up to AREDN.

We now have a server running so we can offer both client and server tunnel connections....would be interested to connect with anyone who has a lot of direct RF connections on their AREDN node so as to strengthen our system over here...please make contact.

Gold Coast , Queensland, Australia
I would love to tunnel into you guys.
Craig Mullins KK6FFZ
Pleasanton, CA USA
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Update to our system

Over the last few weeks we have got our AREDN node running here on the Gold Coast...we have just upgraded our router to one with double the power and have added meshmap, meshchat and voip services to our node.  Last night we began to configure a pi-star DMR / Dstar / P25 node.

We are still learning, but  doing our best here. Would love to hear from other Australia Amateurs interested in connecting so we can spread the word more here in Australia.

A big thanks to our node / tunnel partners who have been very helpful and a pleasure to work with...amazing to be able to speak with them on the voip phone over AREDN.

Looking at the mesh map, we have 1 local VK Connection plus coverage into the USA and EUROPE and NZ but very little into other places...especially Asia.  Would like to see that develop but I guess like here in VK it will take some time.


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Hi David

Hi David

Thanks for assistance today, good to see the phone this end up and working.

Now just to get some other up on RF...


2017 Western Sydney, four of us bought Ubiquiti units - no-go
St Marys, South Penrith, Glenmore Park and Emu Heights (10m up).

We are too wide spaced and don't have a high spot. So, our network fell apart.
So, I'm asking, how many other groups rely on a high spot for more than 10Km coverage?

Yesterday I acquired two AR300M16 Ext units and have upgraded all to 3.22.x. My Ubiquiti LocoM2 is on my TV mast overlooking Emu Plains for more testing. Q/ Are there any other hams in the area interested?
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rely on a high spot for more than 10Km coverage?
Because of 20m trees and a 16m rise in land between my home and a high profile site,
to span 4 km, I rely on a high spot at each end;
15m my end and 36m high spot,
28 dBm and 27 dBi dishes at each end.

At 10km distance, 30m elevation, 2397 MHz, and assuming flat terrain;
about 1/4 of your fresnel zone is in the dirt
perhaps another 1/4 would be passing through homes in between.

You would have more signal not in the dirt and more gain with a 5 GHz panel style node
(5 GHz full size nanostation or TP-Link or Mikrotik would have more dBm and dBi).

73, Chuck

Have been watching for a
Have been watching for a while and am looking at setting up equipment that might be able to be used at remote activities and will be watching for a while. I am down Ingleburn way in Sydney but might have some higher locations coming up their year. 

Love to get pointed in the direction of what equipment would be best for that type of thing being like an AP at height to provide a point of connection. 

Thanks David VK2DU
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get pointed in the direction of what equipment would be best for
get pointed in the direction of what equipment would be best for that type of thing being like an AP at height to provide a point of connection.
On the right side under 'Navigation', click
'Device Selection Chart'.
Publish longitude, latitude, and antenna elevation for 2 points and
maybe some one will volunteer to return a suggestion.

I hope this helps,


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