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Ubiquiti Air Router HP - How to change networks

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Ubiquiti Air Router HP - How to change networks

Question 1
My home network ip range is 192.168.x.x
The air router is configured to the 10.xx.xx.xx network range
Not being a network wizard I'm not sure how to make it available on my network like it use to be when the house was setup in the same 10.xx.xx.xx range. 

Attached is an image of the setup page on the Air Router

Question 2
I also need to change the two other devices located out of reach. Is there a way to do it remotely because if I'm not mistaken once I change the Air Router IP I wont see the other devices still on the 10.xx.xx.xx network.

Additional note - I am in a Mesh Network with other local hams. Will this be able to be in the network if they have a different IP range?

Thanks in advance - N3IIG / Jim

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you don't want to change your
you don't want to change your home network. 
Just plug your pc into a lan port on the airrouter and plug the WAN port of the airrouter into your home network router.

you will then be able to reach the mesh AND your home network from your PC

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