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Berkeley area meshing

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Berkeley area meshing

If you live in, or nearby, Berkeley, take a look for SSID BAY-MESH-BRK. Mostly on channel -2.  If you want help getting connected, drop a post in this topic.

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  Thanks for the SSID, Unable
  Thanks for the SSID, Unable to connect from across the bay.    Due to height limitations.
The full SSID is: BAY-MESH
The full SSID is: BAY-MESH-BRK-10-v3

It is set for a 10mHz bandwdth.
Make sure you use the same

Make sure you use the same channel bandwidth as well. The node will NOT see nodes running a different bandwidth you have to set the bandwidth and save before you can see.

Being channel -2 it's probably 5MHZ

the full SSID should be something like BAY-MESH-BRK-5-v3 which shows: the user defined portion (BAY-MESH-BRK). The channel bandwidth you need to set your node to (in my example 5MHz) and the RF protocol (currently we are on v3)

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the bay-besh-brk ssid is a

the bay-mesh-brk ssid is a 10mhz ch.

If you would share your location and node height i will run the possibility of a link @ 2ghz.

We have some really good LOS in to SF! from Evens Hall @ UCB were 2 solar powered NSM2 reside. Im hopping that this year, we can work some links into other Bay area Citys on dedicated links with the 5ghz band.

73 Mathison kj6dzb

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Two Things
1) Let me know if any of you guys have line-of-sight to either of these two addresses:
  1. 1437 38th Ave, SF  (Basically Ocean Beach)
  2. 2125 Mission, SF (Mission)

2) Related:
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(No subject)

You should be able to see
You should be able to see w6bb-Evans-1.  Try setting your radio to ch -2 @ 10mHz and then do a Wi-Fi scan.  There is a second node on the same Building, w6bb-Evans2. But, it is down at the moment and points somewhat north of your location.

Your Ocean Beach location uis blocked from Berkeley by Russian Hill and Nob Hill.  My own node is blocked from you by Treasure Island.
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Is one of those locations
Is one of those locations Noise Bridge ?

There used to be a link between NB and the USS hornet. 

If we could get some funding for newer hardware. There is talk of a San Diego to SF back bone. A 5ghz leg across around the BAY could be some cool shit.

DO you want to have something together for the upcoming event?
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mesh map
mesh map,-122.4507724,12z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szeFvnG-PTOyw.kjdpLK9wJkkc
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We're on the same block as
We're on the same block as Noisebridge (which were also associated with). I've already submitted an experiment proposal for JIFX, drop me an email and I can get you more details: 
Yet more Berkeley area meshing

KJ6DZB - how tall is Evans node?

W2GMD - I think I have LOS on you.  Do you have a link with Evans?  If not I have a few places on my roof I can try if you can aim your node in that direction.  I'm at Scenic Ave & Cedar St - 330' elevation with 35' mast.

Thanks all

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