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Ubiquity Rocket M2

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Ubiquity Rocket M2

I have a Rocket M2, brand new that was donated to me. I am trying to flash it to Aredn using my Mac Terminal on TFTP. When I send the file I get the following back:

Error Code 514: Firmware check failed.

When I log into the ubiquity firmware it confirms it is a M2 XM, which is the firmware I downloaded. This leaves me questioning if I need to downgrade it before I can TFTP the aredn factory file to it? 

Status settings in AIR OS are:
version: 5.6.11 (XM)
Device Model: Rocket M2
Any thoughts would be helpful. 

Thanks in Advance


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Confirm you are loading the
Confirm you are loading the Factory file:  aredn-
The name listed above is the file name I am working with. I have tried this on two identical devices.
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double check:
double check:

1) using bin mode option to transfer the file with tftp
2) integrity of psychical cables and connections

options to try:

1) another laptop and cable
2) send the output from AirOS "dmesg", might spot a reason


Same problem here
I just bought a Rocket M2 and have the idential  problem that KF7EBX has. 

>>>>>end of tftp output in the terminal window.
sent DATA <block=12416, 512 bytes>
received ACK <block=12416>
sent DATA <block=12417, 412 bytes>
received ERROR <code=2, msg=Firmware check failed>
Error code 512: Firmware check failed
Sent 6356992 bytes in 1.6 seconds

yes, using bin mode, change dout cables etc.    Verified the unit was in reset.   Note that this does not wipe out the original firmware in the device.   I can still get the AirOS login page.

--Brian, KF6HI

Loading AREDN firmware to Bullet M2 HP with TFTP fails
Looks like I'm having similar problem loading AREDN file to Bullet M2HP with XW.v6.1.5 Build 32116 Firmware.

Using Windows 10 TFTP.  Unit is in TFTP mode (1&3 then 2&4 lights blinking).  After initiating transfer lights continue in 1&3/2&4 pattern for about a minute then failure to connect message. Air OS still on unit - no change.
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.1087]
(c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Transfers files to and from a remote computer running the TFTP service.
TFTP [-i] host [GET | PUT] source [destination]
  -i              Specifies binary image transfer mode (also called
                  octet). In binary image mode the file is moved
                  literally, byte by byte. Use this mode when
                  transferring binary files.
  host            Specifies the local or remote host.
  GET             Transfers the file destination on the remote host to
                  the file source on the local host.
  PUT             Transfers the file source on the local host to
                  the file destination on the remote host.
  source          Specifies the file to transfer.
  destination     Specifies where to transfer the file.
C:\Users\Sharon>tftp -i put c:\AREDN\aredn-
 Connect request failed
C:\Users\Sharon>tftp -i put c:\AREDN\aredn-
 Connect request failed
C:\Users\Sharon>tftp -i put c:\AREDN\aredn-
 Connect request failed

Anybody got any suggestions?
This really is simple just 1s & 0s. Getting all 6,543,210 in the right order is the problem.

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ensure that you changed your
ensure that you changed your pc's network adapter to Static (from DHCP) and something like (
Then, ping
Only proceed if the ping responds.
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If these are newly purchased
If these are newly purchased devices, let's eliminate a possibility.  Ubiquiti might have added further restrictions on the accepted firmware.  Let's confirm the version of the bootloader.  One way to find this version is to boot with AirOS, then command line ssh into the device "ssh ubnt@", supply the default are set password, then type this command:

cat /dev/mtd0 | grep -i u-boot

If that doesn't work, then try

strings /dev/mtd0

and look through all the output to find u-boot version string. 

Note, if Ubiquiti added more restrictions in a new release of the bootloader, then to roll back the bootloader, you have to install the next AirOS version back from within the AirOS UI (the bootloader is not updated with tftp install of AirOS).  One version roll back at a time to get to the right bootloader version that accepts the current AREDN images.

Loading AREDN firmware to Bullet M2 HP with TFTP NOW WORKS!!
Here again a simple setting and knowing where to tap.  In multiple tries I must have gotten out of sync with the static/dynamic setting.  Set to static and all when as it should.  Now setting up the radio part.

Made my day!

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