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Maryland Introductions

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Maryland Introductions

I asked for this Maryland subforum so I'll put out an introduction with the hope that others interested in a Maryland AREDN network may latch on.

I'm KD4VMM, and live in southern Anne Arundel County, right next to the Chesapeake Bay.  My interests in amateur radio have come and gone over the years based on my other commitments, but my young kids are showing interest, so I've been doing more lately.

Since the late 90's packet radio era, I've been interested in participating in a networked, off-grid, internet independent digital backbone - something that takes a lot of commitment with traditional microwave backhaul systems.  The death of packet kinda killed that interest.

I'm playing with AREDN now, mostly reading and trying to understand its pro's, and its limitations.  There are some specific things I'd like to accomplish with it, but in general, would like to try to establish at least more of a presence, if not a network, in my area.  Per the current map, there are only three MD AREDN nodes - two in PG near the Potomac (indian head area) and one in Frederick.  If a network were developed, maybe we could connect to the NoVa mesh network?  Going the other way, my location would make a decent point to cross over the Bay to Kent Island.

I know that the Anne Arundel Radio Club at one time had a group with interest in mesh networking (BBHN using the old Linksys WR54G wifi routers), perhaps there's some lingering interest there?  I was previously, but am not currently a member of AARC - perhaps I should renew.  I'm about a 15 mile shot to the AARC, but there's a ridge in between us.

I have modest networking skills (i.e., I can setup and manage unix systems with much frustration) but strong RF/EE skills (RF engineer).

Anyway, I'm interested discussing others interests/ideas for AREDN in Maryland.



my name is Murray, Kb3lzv.

I am located in West Anne Arundel County in the Piney Orchard area of Odenton.   I have been very interested in AREDN for awhile, but have been unable to locate anyone else in my area with in interest in AREDN.    I have renewed my membership with the AARC this year after a bit of a break from ham radio.  

I think it would be really cool to build out a network for the county and link it out to others in the DMV.   

Maybe this subgroup can get something started.  

I know little about networking, but enjoy learning.   


Hi Murray -
Hi Murray -

Thanks for the response.  I'll try to re-up my membership to AARC asap.  I poked around and it looks like The Calvert Amateur Radio Association (CARA) also tried to get some mesh networking up and running sometime around 2015, so maybe there's some latent interest there.  I also have some connections to the club at the National Electronics Museum.  That's three clubs with populations of hams that run North to South through Anne Arundel county.

I'm a bit buried right now with visiting family, but have a USB wifi router that I'll flash and try to get up and running to play with as soon as I get my shack/office back (two weeks).  I'll probably then try to get a few other cheap nodes up to set something up around my property.  Hopefully that will provide some experience with configuration and how it works that will provide a stepping stone to setting up some longer links if we develop interest.

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Consider contacting the Naval Academy & St. Johns College

I haven't lived in MD since 1972 when I graduated from St. Johns College in Annapolis, 23 years before I became an Amateur so take this for what it is worth -  one individual's dated anecdotal opinion. 
Inviting existing Amateurs  to participate in ARDEN and supporting reasons to create new Amateurs seems very plausible at  both of these academic institutions. 
The Naval Academy is chock full of bright young, energetic and motivated Engineering types and literally across the street from the Academy, St. Johns has a strong 'you are here to learn how to learn' ethos.   Polite formal contacts through the proper channels to each Institution's Academic Staff might elicit some interest and support for AREDN since Amateur Radio is well aligned with both, albeit very different, curricula.

Best Wishes, Cheers & 73, ...  wl7coo

Saw where another node popped
Saw where another node popped up (WB2IFS) in MD.  Also was looking through the archive of the AARC mesh google group and saw where KB3LMC wanted to link across the bay.  Based on his location and my location, I believe we could hit each other. 

Am hoping to get a (local, not backbone) node up in the next few weeks to play, then possible a backbone (microtik) if there is interest and someone to connect to.

Were you able to make this
Were you able to make this connection?
No - I haven't reached out.
No - I haven't reached out.  I have brought up the AREDN system to other hams, but have not yet been able to generate any forward momentum other than a few who showed interest.  The current C19 situation seems to be both a pro and con to AREDN.  Its raised some interest for a need, but also, clubs are shut down.
FYI - Two GL USB-150

FYI - Two GL USB-150 microrouters running here in Shady Side.  Am unable at this time to post my location to the AREDN map.  Would be happy to upgrade to better, farther reaching nodes if others within range are interested.


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Maryland Introductions
I have LOS into parts of MD, North of DC, and can put up a radio in that direction if someone can see back to me.
Location is 38.9609 N  -77.3536 W Elevation is 110 ft above ground level.
I am connected to the NoVA mesh.
Don, KM4DC

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Hello from Clinton, MD!

I've been playing around with AREDN and HSMM as a local/campus network for emcomm for at least 10 years now! I don't have anything on a tower yet but I've been working with Lynwood Leach KB3VWG. Objective: to connect the hospitals in Prince George's county. To achieve such a feat, it would probably be better to use some other, more efficient protocol because the "ad-hoc" nature of AREDN has a lot of overhead.

Anyway, let's keep in touch.
Jesse Alexander


Just a bump.  I have not
Just a bump.  I have not added any capability here, as there's no one to connect to.  there is some good progress in the hampton/norfolk Virginia area, and NOVA, but no real way to make a hop to me.  I'm still in a good location to reach across the bay.


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