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Anyone still out there

I am looking to set up a node, but want to know which APs would work for me.  Looks like the closest AP to me is in Grapevine about 6 miles away, and a few others within 10 miles.  Which APs if any will reach that far.  I can get it up 15 feet or so easily, and 25 - 30 if I mount it in a tree.  If none will reach that far, no point investing the money or time.


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Which APs if any will reach that far.
No, I have no node.  I am

No, I have no node.  I am interested in setting one up but not sure the range.  Like I said it looks like the nearest node is about 6 miles and a couple others within 10 miles.  I can probably get my AP 20 - 30 feet up.  If 6 miles is too far, there is no point in me putting a node up.  If 6 - 10 miles is possible, but I need a stronger AP, I am looking for recomendations.

There are nodes all over the

There are nodes all over the Mansfield area down into Johnson County maintained by the Mansfield Johnson Amateur Radios Society (MJARS) and there is also a pretty robust system in Denton County set-up and maintained by the Denton County Amateur Radio Association (DCARA). However, both are set-up differently and are closed systems that are not linked to each other. To the best of my knowledge, neither publish their information and the entries on the map are several years old. 

There are several other nodes set-up in the area and even a few islands that some clubs use for repeater control and some small deployment packages. However, there isn't the same strength of unity like they have developed down in the San Diego area which is really disappointing. Everyone seems to have a vision as to how they want it and there doesn't seem to be much common ground. That is really disappointing to me considering how useful a Metroplex wide system could be for interoperability.


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