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Can’t log in to Ubquiti NanoStation M2 NSM2US after configuring

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Can’t log in to Ubquiti NanoStation M2 NSM2US after configuring

Logged into my new Ubquity NanoStation M2 version 6.1.7 (XW)
on my Windows 10 Home 1809 desktop.
My home LAN is 192.168.0.x.
I used my second PCI LAN card set to
I found the NanoStation at

I used tftp to load the factory firmware, transfer successful.

I found the NanoStation at
I went to the Basic Radio Setup page and changed my Node Name, Password, Channel, and Power.

When I Save Changes, I can no longer find the NanoStation.

I tried the links from the Basic Radio Setup page,,, I tried pinging, I tried Advanced IP Scanner and it only finds my Intel desktop at and .1.255.

I tried holding the NanoStation reset while power-up; then tftp the again.
Successful transfer, Basic Radio Setup, and can’t find it after Save Changes.

I had my AREDN friend do it instead of me. No difference.

I tried loading factory. No difference.

We tried multiple times.
Even booted the Windows desktop.

What am I doing wrong?

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Change Computer to DHCP?
Did you change your computer back to DHCP?  After initial load and reboot of the node after making the first "save & reboot, the node will go from to a 10.xx.xx.xx addy. Maybe a reboot of computer and flush cache on your browser suggested.  Chrome works best.
Found it

Thank you for your response Tom.

DHCP is enabled on the Windows 10 desktop. I removed the connection to my home LAN and plugged the NanoStation M2 into the main LAN port on the Windows 10 PC. No success.

I dug up an old Windows XP desktop and I plugged the NanoStation M2 into that one [I never plug that old PC into my home LAN, due to security issues.] I started Firefox and it found the NanoStation M2 at I'll try it on a Linux PC tomorrow.

I've been using MS Windows since 3.1 and I still find Windows frustrating.

73, Mike

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