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2.4Ghz band

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2.4Ghz band

Would it be possible to extend the channels on the 2.4Ghz band? In Europe we have access down to 2.300 . Is it a hardware or a software issue? Thanks. 

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Yes, this may be possible. 
Yes, this may be possible.  It is both a hardware and firmware issue.    It is a driver written in 'c' that needs updated, then probably some UI code to properly show the channels in a few places.   However, it is unknown how far down the hardware will go before the signal power drops (rec and xmit) getting outside any hardware filters.    Some testing with a spectrum scope would give confidence of the signal quality to make the changes.   

Let's get the issue entered in .   We're all working on the upgrade to openwrt 19.07 release candidate right now, but if this will help across the pond, we can look at getting it in later.

The native Mikrotik router OS allows, and a lot of the spec sheets show, from 2312-2732MHz. Ian
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Great to know.  I'll look to
Great to know.  I'll look to test on Mikrotik when I get to this unless someone else beats me to it.  

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