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AREDN AR only freqs - VK specific

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AREDN AR only freqs - VK specific

Hi all

total noob.  Been talking to another op in my local area who is also keen to get an ARDEN mesh up and running in VK1. 

issue we have found is the -1 and -2 freqs in 2.4 are either outside of or right on the edge of our legal band. Ours is different to NA.  I haven't confirmed with 5 ghz but I think it's the same too. 

ive included a link for the VK band plan

2 major questions 1. Can the firmware be altered to move to within our band and and 2. Is there a AUS / VK specific regional forum or did I miss that? 



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Wade,  I scanned the VK1

Wade,  I scanned the VK1 allocation and it appears all allocation only overlaps the unlicensed wifi usage on both 2GHz and 5GHz.    The exception maybe in the 5825-5850 space where the unlicensed wifi ends on ch 165 @ 5825 center.   The issue is any channel shared with the common  unlicensed wifi freq has a transmitter in most every building and these channels in populated areas don't perform as well, and in some cases,  don't perform at all.   

There is some possibly unshared space just below 5850.   In the US, this is an older allocation under part 97.247, which is a different unlicensed allocation, but devices have to be certified to this different 97.247 standard to use these frequencies.  Thus, not common.    I didn't see any licensing for this space shared with in VK1?

If this space is not contending with unlicensed usage, the try 5GHz ch 166 to 169 first for best opportunity to put up longer distance links in cities.  If you're in the outback, most any channel should work great.  

In 2GHz the VK1 allocation includes channels 7 and 8, but also shared with common wifi usage.  AREDN channel selections could include these, although best to start out with the existing channels.   These additional 2 channels don't offer any more benefit than what already exists in channel selection options.   Adding these channels would add benefit if you had many deployments and needed more channels to separate groups -- not there yet.


Hi Joe. Thanks for your reply

Hi Joe. Thanks for your reply. Am I reading correctly that we should just stay in the wifi band then for 2.4? (Entirely defeating the ham license stuff) ?  VK1 is the capital. So it comes with all the usual WiFi overloading / channel interferences issues.  

i guess I am also hoping to hear what other countries are doing to get their aredn stuff up and running who have different allocations - or are they simply not doing because of the different band plans ?  

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VK1MIC,  The doc link showed 

VK1MIC,  The doc link showed  Australia ham allocation for 2GHz from 2400 to 2450.  The 2300 to 2302 is too small, need 5MHz min channel width option.    This usable space is ch 1 to 7 and fully overlaps with wifi unlicensed devices.    Most of the world, the unlicensed space is ch 1 to 13, except US ends at 11 and Japan at 14.    It appears all Australia ham allocation in 2GHz overlaps with unlicensed and does not have any clear or unique allocation -- staying in the wifi band for 2.4 is the only option due to the allocations.

We find 5GHz works better than 2GHz in cities.   5GHz also has many more channels with more opportunity to get away from wifi usage, and possibility of finding clear sailing channels.   I don't recommend anyone invest in 2GHz given it has more noise and less channel options.  It's having a clear channel and channel options that is most important, not the band.  

Is 3GHz an option?


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I agree about 2.4

"I don't recommend anyone invest in 2GHz given it has more noise and less channel options."

Yes! After more than 2 years struggling in the LV metro valley (Nevada), I couldn't agree more strongly. While 2.4 has worked well for us in a very small rural valley in central Idaho, I would never use 2.4 again for anything. Given that there is only one truly usable channel (-2/10) under US regs, IMO you're just setting yourself up for conflict and hassles in any populated area in the US.

Just a personal opinion based on experience (kinda like: never get involved in a ground war in Asia),
- Don - AA7AU

Thanks Joe, that is clearer. 

Thanks Joe, that is clearer.  3Ghz... hmm going to say no.  Will proceed with a plan for 5ghz.  Cheers Wade

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Added Australia Forum

Added a regional sub Forum for Australia -

many thanks

many thanks

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