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AREDN via GEO satellite.

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AREDN via GEO satellite.


It might be possible to extend the range of AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network) links over a ham band GEO satellite.
An excellent Emcomm use of such a GEO satellite.
I will leave the discussion to the AREDN mesh experts....

See more here:



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Interim proposal by Michelle,

Interim proposal by Michelle, W5NYV, of ORI, until we get our own ham band only GEO sat up ($5 mil. Or benefactor donation.)
Rent-A-GEO bandwidth on an older GEO TV sat.
Only $2000/month/MHz.
Uplink via commercial aggregator.
Downlink direct to your shack on 12GHz Ku band.


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Should be do-able if someone sets up VSAT terminal/service.

The hard part is shopping for a service provider and especially paying for it. I used to set up VSAT terminals all over and it's expensive.
Using AREDN over a GEO would be totally do-able, but the quality of service would all depend on the extra 530ms of latency. So if you’re watching a webcam or doing a VoIP call that happens to transit that sat-link it will have some latency, but will work fine if it’s UDP traffic. If you’re engaging any service that uses TCP and requires an ack to continue (like file transfer or email). There are ways to fix that by adding latency with a proxy running on something like a Raspberry Pi.  But this is all do-able. 
During an EmComm situation I have a BGAN terminal that I will connect to my network and allow access to selected services on the Internet instead of piping a node's AREDN network traffic through a VSAT link. The BGAN will allow us to access, Winlink, VoIP PBX, and other emergency sites. We could do the same with the VSAT - as long as your service provider's ground station still has power and Internet access.

-Damon K9CQB


Not sure how this would be a

Not sure how this would be a good idea. As in an emergency that aggregator might not be accessible.  Like in general its nice as it would bring the mesh to areas that are not able to connect to the mesh but wouldn't be that good. (Is there like a map of the mesh that shows what nodes see each other?)

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Is there like a map of the mesh that shows what nodes see each

(Is there like a map of the mesh that shows what nodes see each other?)

There are individual maps of mesh islands, accessible from an inside mesh connected computer/tablet/cellphone browser.
There may be one or more of these island mesh maps available on the public internet.
Search: kg6wxc+meshmap

I hope this helps, Chuck

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Mesh maps

Here are a few publicly facing maps I've compiled.  There are more available via their local mesh network.
(These are all running KG6WC's mapper program).


Orv W6BI

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publicly facing live mesh maps

Should this list of live mesh maps be in
Forums: Deployment: Maps: Live
or similar?

Here is a live (hourly) Southwest Ohio mesh map:
http://gelm dot net/meshmap/

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Deployed mesh maps

Done. Thanks for the great suggestion, Chuck!
See Forum=>Deployment=>Maps from the menu bar or simply

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Yakima Updated Link
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One issue I'd see is a

One issue I'd see is a hundred or more AREDN nodes trying to connect to the satellite.  A little like a denial of service attack?..

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