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HAP AC Lite Config Questions

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HAP AC Lite Config Questions
Having a great time getting acquainted with tunneling with my HAP ac Lite.
Have it working great with wired internet going into port 1, tunneling all day long, no issues
I'd like to be able to set the 2.4 wireless side for the internet connectivity to the tunnel.
I set the WAN Wifi Client with all the parameters for the home Wifi, checked the enable box, and rebooted after disconnecting internet from port 1.
Result is no internet connection.  
What am I doing wrong?

Second question - with the AREDN code is port 5 on this device automatically DTD now, or do I need to change that, and if so, how?

Mike K2MPH
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DtD on Port 5
I'll let someone else respond to your WiFi question.  As far as DtD, yes it's always on on port 5.  However, POE is configurable on that port and defaults to OFF.  To turn it on and power a node on port 5, go into Advanced Configurations and enable POE.  There's a check box / Save Settings for it.
Orv W6BI
Have my answers, thank you
Orv, thanks for confirming my thoughts on the DTD and POE.
I've learned that configuration changes need to be made one at a time, then saved, and continue to the next parameter.
If I made all the changes at one regarding the Wifi access, it accepted them but end result was NG.
Making the changes one at a time, saving and moving on to the next one, then finally rebooting, made the difference.
Again, this is a great little device.  Thanks for writing some awesome code for these things!
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Awesome coders
You're very welcome, Mike - but I'm just a user.  The credit goes to the awesome AREDN coders!

Orv W6BI
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the wifi connect can fail due
the wifi connect can fail due to:

A) typo in SSID or password
B) using a band the AP does not support (If 5Ghz is selected for another use, then the wan wifi client is 2Ghz or vice-versa.  If the wan wifi client is the only wireless configured, then a band selection option shows.)
C) The hAP ac lite is looking to connect to an AP with "wpa2 psk" encryption. 



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