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Colorado Springs/El Paso County potential

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Colorado Springs/El Paso County potential


Myself and several other hams in the COS/El Paso County area are wanting to put some effort into creating a fixed mesh. We are just in the "arm-waving" phase of this now, and I will do my best to update this thread as we make progress. 

I welcome any suggestions.


Colorado Springs/El Paso County potential
Very good. By all means, please post if you get some nodes on the air. 
Gary, WB5PJB
Castle Rock
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Good luck!  Maybe I'll have a
Good luck!  Maybe I'll have a reason to bring a mesh node next time I visit my sister in Colorado Springs...
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Hello, I am running a currently mesh focus club or group in Denver area. We have hardware, subject matter experts, and plenty of resources to aid in your project. is our website please feel free to sign up and contact us. We would love to get some partners or co-ops in the springs. We are starting to look at providing a small backbone IP network as well for Colorado. Regards, Jeremiah - N0KMO
Widefield Area
I know we spoke via email, but thought I'd throw my name on the forum and say that if you managed to get enough interest, I'd be game.
Ute pass area
Is there still interest in this? I would love to help setup a node in the ute pass area, where I live. Let me know if anything happens with this.

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