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List of Tunnels?

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List of Tunnels?

I'm in the process of setting up some nodes. I got a great deal on 5 Bullet M2s so will be doing some experimenting. I already have 3 BBHN nodes up and running, At any rate, I'm interested in testing the tunneling; which we will try locally first, but wanted to know if there is a list of available tunnels. I was looking for something similar to the BBHN node map or a list. Does anything like that exist for AREDN?

73, KG5AXF, Anthony

Clear Lake City, Houston, Texas

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Hi Anthonty,

Hi Anthonty,

Greetings from Montgomery County.  We are building out an AREDN network here as well.  The part97 only channels really make a difference in avoiding the part15 noise on 2Ghz.

As far as a list of tunnels, not really, other than what people post on the forums.  We are intentionally not tunneling "outside" of our mesh here at the moment, in order to reduce "operator overload" while people are still learning how to mesh and leverage services.

We don't have a map yet, but, some new features of our beta will help enable automatic mapping of nodes in the future.

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