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Tunneling Preamble

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Tunneling Preamble

Hi All,

Congratulations on the new WWW site. The Ventura County and the Orange County networks just created a internet tunnel and immedeatly Ventura County's contacts lists increased a lot.  Seeing all of the these stations on the same page is exciting and kind of jaw droping at the same time.  Has any thought been given to setup a tunnel Gateway System for locations so the lists do not get too large.  For example, OC would see a tunneled connection named Ventura County CA, they would go to it and then have access to the VC resources.  The recripral would hold true with VC contacting OC.  Think of of as a area code for MESH.  I do not know if this is even possible but as the systems expand, I think this type of preamble is required.

I commend everyone on their hard work.  

Thank you

Paul Strauss


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Future of Mesh status

Paul,  let me first put the disclaimer that this is all "futures".  Anything can change until we actually implement and release new capability.   I have been thinking to address exactly this issue, but in a more generalized way.  

When you are on the greater tunnel mesh, click on the node AE6XE-BB .  This is a node running an upgrade of OpenWRT Barrier Breaker and configured to be compatible and on our mesh.  The password is my callsign.  I leave this on the network to give the community an idea of what can be done and what is being done (for the future).    I trust no one will mess up the configuration, and if any one does, I'd have to restict access.

The default UI screen shows the advertised services on our mesh--what do we want to do 98% of the time we access an established mesh?--we want to access a service.   There are already screens, e.g. "Status->OLSR" that show topology and more out-of-box.    First, we don't want to re-invent the wheel, rather reuse a lot but tweak for our needs.  

Here's the idea, and take the original "Advertised AREDN Services" opening page (this would apply to other views, e.g. a list of all mesh nodes as well).  I'll be adding a sort and/or filter button.    This button might have "Ventura island mesh" or similiar to filter on.  "Orange County island mesh", etc.   Also options to sort by ETX and other fields.   Ideally, we'd also show a description of the service being advertised (while avoiding and exploding OLSR packet sizes...).

It won't happen over night, but we're all excited about getting there...


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