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Migrate from HSMM to AREDN on Bullet M2 high power

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Migrate from HSMM to AREDN on Bullet M2 high power
I was given a M2Bullet High Power FCC ID SWX-M2B and have searched the archives and found this thread ( ) Maybe there's another thread I missed.
They mentioned BBHN 3.1.0 but the one I have has 3.0.0. How do I migrate it over to AREDN without bricking it?  The plan is for a portable node for now. I know it's not the latest and greatest but it's free and I hate to see it wasted.
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When in doubt!
 When in doubt, RTFM!
It took me all day but I figured it out! Here a little, there a little. Got a good education today. Firmware Update current version:  installed   :>)

73 & Aloha
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Congrats on getting it
Congrats on getting it upgraded.  I am curious... why did you stop at and not go to (with security patches and new features)?
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That's a good question!
Aloha Darryl,
Mahalo for the heads-up. I used the "DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE" drop-down on the Administration page. I figured it was smarter than me to know what was the highest available update without going to the Nightly Builds. It had a lot of version options and through my reading I saw a continuing theme of updating to the next higher version instead of going from ground floor to the penthouse so to speak. was the highest the list went. I was so proud of myself for getting as far as I did, I never thought of looking in the Latest Stable Versions list.

Is it ok to just jump from V3.16.1.1 directly to ????   I appreciate the heads up and info on the upgrade. There's a few of these on the island and I will most likely be the guy that does the upgrade from HSMM to AREDN.


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If you do a tftp of the
If you do a tftp of the current firmware, then this will always been a clean install.  It's also known to work on all Ubqiuti devices, including old bootloader versions.      It would be less effort to tftp the current AREADN firmware one time, and retype the settings once, then try to do multiple upgrades to step through each firmware release and preserve existing settings.  Jumping multiple firmware versions with the big bang update and keeping settings isn't tested.

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I agree with Joe, but if you want to use the Administrative screen, then yes, it's okay to upgrade from to  
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Glad that you figured it out. 

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