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CPE510 v3 TX power

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CPE510 v3 TX power
Does anyone know the max tx power for the TP-Link CPE510 v3?
I'm seeing various numbers from 23dBm to 27dBm including mixed info even on the datasheet/tp-link website. My searches on the forums have brought up older versions (< 2018).
Thanks in advance for any insight!
Mines (V2 & V3) runs at 27dbm
Mines (V2 & V3) runs at 27dbm without error and it seems to be the maximum offered by the hardware.
Thank you
Thanks for the feedback! If you would be so kind as to entertain a few more questions... Are you happy with them? What kind of distances are you achieving? My experience has been on 2.4GHz with a Nanobeam and I was pleased (6 mile connection) but I had to do it roving due to terrain. Unfortunately, it hit pavement from about 4 meters high and is now a SK. I am hoping to introduce 5GHz to our mesh in PA. The UI link/mapping tool shows better pathing on 5GHz from my QTH (probably because of the tighter fresnel zone).
Tested them very solid to 5km
Tested them very solid to 5km (~3miles) and good signal to 10km (~6miles). TP-Link was announcing them to up to 15km (~9miles), but I did not made any test to that distance yet.

As for being happy... Yes, I prefer them to Ubnt devices when it comes to install AREDN (just need to upload the firmware through the Web GUI) and I must say that I now use almost only TP-Link products at home after being pissed by D-Link gear that was not lasting more than a year... To me they offer fair product quality and price. My actual Archer router is holding on for 3years of abuse!

There is also the fact that in Canada, Ubnt compatible devices are hard to find if you do not want to pay import & custom fees... so Amazon had plenty of TP-Link CPE device stock and ready to ship.

However I have just bought some Mikrotik hAP devices and I may soon check their other devices, as it seems promising too.

So far my 4 CPE510 are pole mounted and ready to deploy AREDN where and when it will be needed.
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dBm and dBi for CPE210 and CPE510

Power to Antenna: 27dBm/500mw
Gain of Antenna: Built-in 9dBi 2x2 Dual-polarized Directional Antenna
Beam Width: 65° (H-Plane) / 35° (E-Plane)

Power to Antenna: 23dBm/200mw
Gain of Antenna Built-in 13dBi 2x2 Dual-polarized Directional Antenna
Beam Width: 45° (H-Plane) / 30° (E-Plane)

For antennas of the same size, a 5GHz antenna has about twice the gain of a 2.4 GHz antenna..
(For example a two foot Rocket dish on 2.4 GHz has 24 dBi and a two foot Rocket  dish on 5 GHz has 30 dBi)

Because of the increased gain of the antenna, the power to the antenna is reduced on the 5 GHz devices vis the 2.4 GHz devices)
in order to maintain the ERP (Eddective Radiated Power) within WISP limits.

You can also see that the 5 GHz device gets more gain from the antenna by focusing the power from the antenna to a smaller beam width.
Thank you
Yes, I saw those specs and that is what prompted my post. The Ubiquiti NSM5 is spec'd at 27dBm as well as higher gain at 16dBi (from a downloaded datasheet) which would be the closest competitor (but higher price). The specs listed on an amazon CPE510 product list it as 0-27dBm/500mw.

This is what caused my confusion so I was seeking a real-world owner for insight.
Thanks again for your help.
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tplink advertises the max
tplink advertises the max xmit power.  However, we find this is in the center channels.   At the low and high end channels, tplink reduces the power.  I'd speculate to ensure they don't exceed part 15 out of channel emissions.  Thus ch -2 or ch 185  at the low or high channels may be reduced from the max if using channel 6 or 149.   In some cases we could allow settings higher, but conservatively choose not to to ensure signal quality.

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We should soon know more...

The AREDN Project was just awarded a grant from the Yasme Foundation for a 20 GHz spectrum analyzer (necessary for 3rd-order harmonic distortion analysis at 5.9 GHz).  We intend to start confirming Joe's speculations.

Andre, K6AH

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Any results on Max power tests?

Just re-read this thread a couple years later and was wondering if anyone had then used that grant equipt to test band edge power limit and implications as discussed, specifically related to the CPE210 and CPE510 units.

- Don - AA7AU

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