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Computers aren't talking

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Computers aren't talking
I am still new to mesh networking. I have configured three (3) Linksys routers (because that's what I already owned prior to discovering AREDN) with the BBHN software and one (1) Ubiquiti Rocket M2 with the AREDN software. Mesh status shows all nodes connected, and I can successfully ping each node. However, I cannot ping any computer behind any node.

All anti-virus software and firewalls (both windows and third-party) was disabled completely in an attempt to solve this problem.  No joy.

I'm wondering about my settings.  Each node is set to 5 Host Direct. the default IP addresses are obviously different among all nodes, but are significantly different between the AREDN node and the BBHN node.

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Can you provide a better
Can you provide a better description or better yet, a drawing that shows how everything is connected.
Can you provide a better description
Thanks for the response. Update to the situation:  I realized that the Wifi IP addresses weren't the same (i.e., node 1 was something like while node 2 was Changed the first three sections to match and now can ping each computer. However, I still cannot map a network drive, as neither computer "sees" the other as a network resource.

As far as setup, for now I'm just working with two separate nodes with one computer connected to each node. Trying to get a field day setup that will include four computers, each attached to their own respective node. When I've networked them before using standard WIFI, I network a drive "Z:" to the "master computer" and have every computer look to it. We run the N3FJP logging software, which when networked also includes its own chat function.  That is the end goal. If I can get two computers to talk, I can get them all online.
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using standard WIFI, I network a drive "Z:"

"Drive mapping over LAN usually uses the SMB protocol on Windows or NFS protocol on Unix/Linux; Drive mapping over the Internet usually uses the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV Drive mapping is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux."

Each DHCP address assigned by a node is in that node's LAN.
Windows drive mapping uses the SMB (Service Message Block) protocol.
This drive mapping works within a LAN.
This drive mapping does not span outside its own LAN.

Perhaps use standard WiFi in 'bridge' mode or an application that is a remote service.

Problem solved - drive mapped and logging software networked

After verifying and changing the IP Address fields under the Mesh RF column (the WiFi column on the BBHN firmware), verifying that all routers were using the same channel, ensuring that all routers were set to 5 host Direct, ensuring that all routers used the DHCP protocol for the WAN settings and used the same DNS settings, my routers were configured.

On the Computers I disabled the firewalls, and enabled network discovery and file sharing for private and public networks.  I was then able to map a network drive using the IP address in the field where it asks for the folder, and then click "Browse" (for example, i typed the following inside the quotations "\\10.123.456.789"). I will now go back and configure my firewalls to allow traffic without as much risk.

Once the drive was mapped, I was able to go into the N3FJP software and setup the network settings. For the Server name, I again entered the IP address for the computer that I was using as my "server/master computer".  I have full functionality of N3FJP.

Thank you to all who commented and helped me with this problem.  I really appreciate your support.


Setup from last year not working this year
Don't feel bad, I pulled out the same setup as last year, (and for the last 5 years) and I can't get two computers to talk to each other that always have.  ARGH!  Its only a week until Field Day... No software updates on the computer, not firm ware updates on the nodes.  Supposed to set up everyone else tomorrow... it might be along night! :P

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