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GL150 USB No radio activity

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GL150 USB No radio activity
Hi All,
I recently acquired two GL-150USB microuters from Amazon. Both come up with the original code, I set the default password as required and flashed one with the current 960 load from the nightly builds, and the other with the 902 load which was given to me and has worked on previous occasions. Both appeared to flash properly, they came up with the NOCALL page, I was able to set the parameters for the MeshRF and reboot to obtain a 10.x.y.z address in both cases.

The interesting thing is that I have no mesh activity, despite it being enabled. On the status page the Wifi address shows as 'none', and the SSID as 'n/a', and the channel number and bandwidth are not correct, however everything is correct on the setup page. On the mesh status the node is listed correctly, but it is not finding any others on the same channel (they do find each other), and the WiFi status shows no activity either. Looks like the RF subsystem has not started up in both cases.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a fix for this?
Any suggestions?

Regards, de VE6VH.
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More information
I also tried in on a RPi2, same symptoms. Got the 10.x address, no RF activity. One LED is on steady, the other is permanently off.

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Uncheck "Save Settings"

HI Martin,

Did you uncheck the Save Settings box?  If not, then reset to first boot and install the .bin again making sure to uncheck the Save Settings box.

Andre, K6AH

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Found a solution
During the process it looks like a step was skipped; the original openWRT firmware on the stick was responding to and not So it appears that some setup that is done for first boot did not occur. The other clue was that it responded to the password set at the initial boot, not the default hamnet password.

There are two remedies which seem to work and will bring up the initial boot. The first is to reset it with a paper clip for a few seconds, the other is to go to 'advanced configuration' and click the 'reset to first boot'. Rebooting the node in either case and it will now respond to instead.

Log in with the usual default hamnet credentials, then set the parameters as needed, I set the LAN mode to '1 host direct' and the WAN to disabled, as this connection does not exist. After a reboot it came up correctly.

Too cool!

PS: The other neat thing is that it works also on a Pi, so now we can have a SIP client in a box with a built-in node. 

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