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Reserved dhcp addresses are shown in the mesh status

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Reserved dhcp addresses are shown in the mesh status

is there a way (I.e. Editing a config file, for now) to not lost reserved dhcp addresses as connected hosts in the Mesh Status page. This listing makes sense when the host has available services links. But, there are times when I would rather not advertise the presence of that host. In my case, the "host" is actually an intact on a router.  Could we have a check box to indicate whether the host should be listed it not... If there were services advertised on the host, the box would be checked and grayed out.

To all, enjoy a day away from the mesh tomorrow.

Actually have this (checkbox)

Actually have this (checkbox) as a feature request in my list.  Was helping someone do a mountain top deployment  a few weeks back and needed to reserve an IP and realized we probably did not want to advertise every single IP advertisement as sometimes you want an IP for a dedicate use that doesn't need to be advertised.

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