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AR150 USB Wan

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AR150 USB Wan
Hey folks,

just got an AR150 and, as expected, had it running as a mesh node in a matter of minutes. 

One thought i had was could I plug my iPhone into the USB port and use it as a wan port. 

Has anyone tried this?

I am guessing a few extra modules will be needed and maybe a manual config file change. 

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There is a feature in the
There is a feature in the pipeline to enable a wan wifi client capability for the existing wireless interface.   It is bubbling back up to the surface -- probably 80%+ complete.   With this feature it could also wifi connect to your cell hotspot for wan.  

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WAN WiFI Client

Boy, this is the feature I'm really waiting for.  For me personally, it running on a Mikrotik hAP will make presentations SO much easier as it will allow some live demonstrations.

Orv W6BI

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Me too!

I agree; I think Joe may have grown quite tired of me bugging him about this possible feature. I tried a manual config update that he suggested for the hAP but either my dull screwdriver wasn't the right size or my sledgehammer was SAE instead of metric. Oh well, fingers crossed.

In the meantime, for a bit over US$20, I got one of these which works great to "hardwire" connect my hAP thru with my cellphone hotspot:

- Don - AA7AU

AR150 USB Wan

The USB-A socket on the AR150 is a USB 2.0 host port (just like the ones on an older laptop or desktop PC).
To do what I think you want to do, you will need to load "kmod-usb-net" on the AR150 - see
Your iPhone (in the role of USB peripheral) will need to have the right software on it to present itself as a USB Ethernet adaptor, and you will need to configure this Ethernet "port" on your AR150 (bridge it to the LAN port?)

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It works with some Samsung phones.

Several of us played with this at Hamvention this past weekend.  We found that at least the Samsung 8 & 9 recognize the 150 USB and allows your phone to act as a local PC.  We were able to browse the network and connect to a variety of services.  Mark, N2MH, also demonstrated streaming video from his phone's camera.  The only limitation we found was that some phones apparently don't allow anything to talk on port 5060 & 5061, which are assigned to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)... so you couldn't dial from a SIP app.

Thanks guy, I will have a

Thanks guys, I will have a look at the USB modules 

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2 very different use cases.  
2 very different use cases.  

There may be some confusion on using USB ports.  It appears there are 2 uses cases in this thread being discussed:

A) AR150 USB port -- can it become a WAN port and connect to a cell phone for internet access  - this port is currently inactive and would need drivers loader in AREDN to function.  It would also require custom config file changes to redefine which interface is the WAN interface (switch from vlan 1 of the ethernet port to be the USB port).

B) USB150 -   This USB device can be plugged into a cell phone with an appropriate adapter cable.  The cell phone becomes a LAN device on the mesh network.  This usb port is the only interface to the device for all access. The laptop or rasbPi this device is plugged into, then installs a USB driver so it is a network interface like a cat5 cable to the mesh node.  

Thanks Joe,
Thanks Joe,

i am looking at scenario A and appreciate that some manual config file changes would be needed. 
Hi Joe,

We are testing connectivity to a remote unattended node. I need to monitor its status so we aren't wasting our time trying to connect to a node that is dead.
I'd like to be able to use AR150 and
  1. dtd attach the remote node
  2. USB attach my Verizon hotspot for WAN access.
  3. Use that WAN for tunnel client to my MikroTik.
That way I can use the tunnel to monitor if the remote node has power, etc.

Has that support been added yet?
Any other device I could use?


John K2QA
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John,  support has not been
John,  support has not been added for the USB port on any device AREDN runs on.   However, you might configure this way:

1) dtdlink the AR150 to the remote mesh node.
2) configure the wireless interface on the AR150 in WAN wifi client mode to connect to the 'hotspot' AP (turn off 'mesh rf' to see the wan wifi client options). 
3) configure the tunnel client on the AR150 to connect to your QTH mikrotik tunnel server


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