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RasPBX maintenace

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RasPBX maintenace
I am new to AREDN and running a RasPBX on a Raspberry PI 3+, can anyone provide guidance on routine RasPBX maintenance (i.e. cleaning logs, etc)?

Is maintenance even needed outside of updates?

Thank you in advance.

Hank - K1DOS
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Change the oil


Yes, you will need to change the oil every 3000 calls or so.

Seriously, the one thing you should do is to have a backup micro SD card with a full image and your current configuration on it. These SD cards have been known to have a limit on write cycles. In addition, you should update the various software modules from time to time and keep them current. Finally, I have heard that excessive heat can physically warp the SD card rendering it useless.

73, Mark


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