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AREDN Satellite TV?

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AREDN Satellite TV?
What frontiers will AREDN explore next? Satellite TV anyone?
The HD probably does not stand for High Definition. Ham Dish maybe? Or HOA Deception?
Thanks to Jeff KG4IKT for this excellent photo using the limited edition AREDN label from WU2S.

KG4IKT dishes
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Very nice, Randy - taking sneaky to a new level :-D

Orv W6BI
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What equipment are tou using
What equipment are tou using for the feed horn? I experimented with a pico station on an offset dish... It worked. I talked about it on my antenna page. I my newest 2m dish dosnt have 2.4ghz horn, just Cband and Ku.
that's a MikroTik LDF 5 (NOT
that's a MikroTik LDF 5 (NOT the ac version).

MikroTik LDF 5 Lite Dish Feed Outdoor Wireless System for Satellite Offset Dish Antennas (RBLDF-5nD-US)

Mounting bracket:

Universal Single Dish LNB Bracket/Holder/Mount for 40mm or 30 mm LNB FTA-US

Saturday's experiment at
Saturday's experiment at K4WDY's
Nanostation M5
Mikrotik LDF on a small Dish Network dish (orange)
MikroTik LDF on a large DirecTV disk (yellow)
distance to Short Mountain node 3.7 miles.

NanoStation SNR 22 db
MikroTik orange SNR 27 db
MikroTik yellow SNR 37 db
These values were taken from each nodes' chart referencing the same node on Short Mountain.
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Thanks Jeff
Thank you again - I love your paint job on those dishes!
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Cool! If i was going to do this again... I know know after Dealing with larger dishes. 1: I would convert them to prime focus to avoid problems with the mount. the mount wasnt designed to pont below the horizon. 2: To better optimize the horn's postion at the focal point of the dish. Focal length = f Depth = c Diameter = D f = ( D * D ) / ( 16 * c ) 3: get a BIGGER dish. I ran gain figures on a 2m dish but not on a 90cm dish, but i will make an educated guesswork of a 90cm dish @ 2.4gHz / 5gHz. Its a little small. That said if it was a 2m dish @ 2.3gHz its got 31.7db + tx power. Then your talkin! With larger dishes 2m + Its close to the power levels needed to hit a GEO bird. Worth exploring when phase4 flys. Tho dvb-s2x will encapsulate tcp ip. 73 mathison kj6dzb

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