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Meshing in Tracy, CA?

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Meshing in Tracy, CA?

Hello, my name is Bryson and my callsign is KM6YMM and am new to this meshing technology but have the knowledge. I was wondering if there is anyone in Tracy, CA using AREDN. I have a node setup relatively close to the center of town. I saw on the map that there is a node on Mt. Oso but have no idea which way the antenna is directed towards. Any help or replies is appreciated.

Bryson, KM6YMM  

Re: Meshing in Tracy, CA?

Hi Bryson,
The map at shows 2.4 GHz nodes in Livermore, Pittsburg, and Lodi.  If you click on the node icons, popups give you details including channel and SSID.  There are probably other nodes in your area that the operators have not put on the map.  That is what I am finding in Colorado.  This weekend I am going to roam with a portable setup to see how many nodes I can find.

Thanks W6SDD I appreciate it.
Thanks W6SDD I appreciate it. I have looked at the map and saw a no nodes near me except for in Modesto which I was just at and the result was nothing. But I appreciate your response and I will keep trying. Bryson, KM6YMM
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Mt. Oso
Hi Bryson,
Welcome to AREDN.  There are actually three nodes up on Mt. Oso providing coverage from Lathrop down to Merced.  Tracy might not be covered but if you go mobile you could connect to a 5.8 Ghz 10Mhz wide node on channel 164 called W6BXN-M5-NorthSector-Oso.  
The SJV-Mesh group is on Facebook.  Join us.  Adding a fourth node up there has not been discussed but you could start by mentioning the idea.
You should plan on attending a meeting at either the Turlock Amateur Radio Club or at the Merced ARES group one day, shake a hand and introduce yourself. is first place to look.  
We have an extensive mesh island in the Central Valley with close to 20 nodes plus redundant relays. Coverage from wall to wall including Mariposa. I know we have a member in Manteca that is connected.
Thanks W6RUF I was on my way
Thanks W6RUF I was on my way to Modesto to visit family and I was connected to a node but not sure what its callsign was as the node name was its ip address. When I clicked on it I couldn't view its status
Hi W6RUF, Can you confirm the channel - the AREDN map says it's on channel 174 not 164. I tried both but couldn't establish any connection to the mesh. Cheers, Greg
Hi, I got my call sign allocated today so I was able to finally sign up and reply. I'm in Tracy as well. I have an M5 and M2 ready to go. If we need to get a sector antenna and M5 to cover Tracy, I don't mind chipping in. EDIT: I just looked up KM6YMM's location - we're just over 1km away from each other. I'll try to finish wiring up the ethernet drops from the attic tonight and see if we can connect. Cheers, Greg
First of, Congrats on getting
First of, Congrats on getting your callsign KM6ZZV, You'll enjoy it. That's cool to finally know there is someone in tracy. The only problem is, is that is there anyone else in tracy we can connect to or are we the only ones? Oh well it'll be fun anyway. Thanks KM6ZZV for your reply. Maybe we can try to connect maybe around 5-6pm. Let me know.
I left the nodes running. I
I left the nodes running. I won't be home until around 8pm tonight so give it a go and let me know. I'm not sure how successful it will be as my antenna is in the attic of a single story house.
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that's gonna be a problem.  
that's gonna be a problem.   Microwave is line-of-sight.   
KM6ZZV, I just tried
KM6ZZV, I just tried connecting to your node from my location and it didn't work. I'll Drive around and try again.
It was still on channel 174.
It was still on channel 174. It's back on 164 now.
KM6ZZV, Is the node your
KM6ZZV, Is the node your running the m5 or m2 because I am trying to connect to it with my m5 and have mine on a large pole. And it is still not working. Email me at so we dont flood this thread.
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my antenna is in the attic of a single story house.

Uh, oh.
One concern with all of the higher frequency bands is that there must be clear line of sight between the nodes on each side of the link.

I hope this helps,

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Congratulations to both YMM and ZZV

I’ve verified those channels and bandwidths.  The SJV Mesh group is built and owned by Turlock Amateur Radio Club. Their Repeater system alone is probably the most sophisticated I’ve ever seen and the Mesh island not far behind.  For a club with less than 100 members that’s gotta say something.  Donating a radio isn’t needed.  Getting to know the people who make things happen there is required.  Ya I know it’s a little old school but expecting someone to drive 1 hour up a 3,352 ft mountain, climbing an 80 foot tower and stringing up more double shielded Cat5 takes a little more than just expecting it to happen because you live close by.  The Stanislaus ARES group and Merced ARES group are the meetings you should start attending. Introduce yourself. Ask a question. Figure out how and where to Get involved.  That’s what makes Amateur Radio so much fun. 
I think your building your own mesh island (starting with two stations) is a huge step in the right direction.  Start with building your stations using the 5.8 Ghz band as the backbone and if needed, 2.4 Ghz as local coverage and access points.  Build a mobile station you can drive out to an open area.  Two years ago I was totally new to the area and knew nothing.   Some argue that that hasn’t changed much except I got a radio now.  

Thanks for the info. I'll try
Thanks for the info. I'll try to attend their next meeting on March 12th.
Any Update on Meshing in Tracy
Good evening to KM6YMM and KM6ZZV.

I am coming late into this thread and hope you have made progression linking up your nodes? 

Bob, N6TCE
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Hello all, 
Hello all, 
Im expecting to have coverage later this month up on mt Diablo. If you have a site with unobstructed LOS over to mt Diablo and a directional dish. You will need something like a LHG hp5 or AF-5G30-S45 (30dBi) or more to hit mt Diablo from Tracy. If you have a site it mind that has LOS I would donate an antenna to the link, It will need a rocket M5.

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